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How is everyone doing?

I am doing very great. It's been a while I shared things about myself. It's not every time recipe and student life. Let's explore Winie a little. I share some things about me on my post Man Problems

Before I continue,  I've been thinking of a special name for my blog readers; any ideas?

One of the things I love about my smile is how bright it can be. But, there are days! There are times when things can be overwhelming and I struggle to crack a smile. There are days when I can't stand myself, let alone people, and I just want to be alone. Sometimes, I'm too tired and I need something to relax me. Other times, I'm down emotionally, and I need something to cheer me up. Regardless of what causes those gloomy days, there are some movies I have come to appreciate in their effect they have on me. 

Oh, I am a romantic-comedy girl! But even that aside, these movies have great story lines and dare I say make me optimistic about life and its twist. Enough of the long story, let's get to them.

These are my current Netflix favorites in no particular order.

1) The Switch

This is a romantic comedy that warms me up. It gives hope to all the past, future and possible friend-zone situation. I love how the friendship between Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman was portrayed - they fought a lot. I respect those relationships that are not afraid of tension. It tells the story of a man who fathered the child of his best friend under impairment. There are some life lessons like forgiveness, second chances, and determination, that feature in the movie. I watch this movie when I'm tired and still feel like putting in some more work.

2) Leap Year

I know I said this list is in no particular order but I can't help but mention this is my absolute favorite on this list. I have lost count of how many times I have watched this movie. I crave it like food! As I'm typing this, I have a rush to watch it again. It's ridiculous. Does anyone else have a movie that makes them feel this way? 
This movie excites me, makes me hopeful, cheers me up, invigorates me, urgh I could go on and on. I am a hopeful romantic - not 'hopeless'- really hopeful. Matthew Goode and Amy Adams met during an unfortunate situation and practically went from enemies to lovers. I enjoyed every bit of their wit and I like how the movie brought two people from different countries and cultural backgrounds together. Oh, I'm drawn to couples that are obviously different. I watch this movie when I feel low emotionally. I could go on and on, and I would scream "go watch it" but I doubt many people will share my cheesy sentiments on this movie. If you have an hour and some minutes to spare, check this one out.

3) The Big Short

This movie hit me like a brick I didn't see coming. It's not my usual romantic comedy, and I didn't even expect to like it. But it came out, and I saw it floating around on Netflix and decided to give it shot because I saw one of my favorite people, Steve Carell. My people, before I knew it, I was watching it for the sixth time and gushing to my brother on the phone about how much he needed to see this movie. It took me a few times to even understand what exactly was going on but I was fascinated with how they told the story of a real-life event like it was some well-written fiction. The movie is about the financial crisis of the United States between 2007-2008. This movie inspires me. It tells the story of people that just went with their guts even when they didn't have enough evidence. I also watch this movie when I'm tired or I need some inspiration or really a pick-me-up. Oh, it's also really funny.

4) London Has Fallen

This is another wild card on my list. London has Fallen is a sequel to the movie Olympus has Fallen. It is an action thriller, that tells a story about a terrorist attack to assassinate all world leaders attending an event, especially the president of the United States. I'm not too crazy about action movies, but I have watched this one a few times and I love it every single time. Gerard Butler just stole my heart in this movie! I loved the sarcasm and wit in some of his conversations, and I couldn't help but notice how affectionate he was with his wife, despite the tough nature of his job (I told you I was a hopeful romantic). This movie is similar to The Switch in its effect. I watch this when I have had a long day and I need something interesting playing in the background while I continue working.

5) While you were sleeping

This one is a feel-good romantic movie. It's one of those movies to make a tea and watch when I don't feel like doing any single thing. In this movie, Sandra Bullock pulls Peter Gallagher from the path of a moving train and when he ends up in the hospital, Peter's family assumed she was engaged to him. There are some funny parts of the movie but it mostly tells a good story.

6) Grey's Anatomy

Is there anyone that doesn't know Grey's Anatomy? A lot of people I've met can either watch or tolerate it. I, on the other hand, have a higher feeling of love for this TV series. I'm not sure of if it was the relationship between Derek and Meredith, the medical cases, or both. Either way, I have watched 12 seasons of this show twice already and I'm gearing up for the third round as soon as they release the 13th season.

7) Army Wives

Army Wives is another TV series that I particularly enjoy. Just like the name, it follows the lives of different wives of men in the army, and one of the wives is in the army herself. My favorite 'wife' is Roxy Leblanc played by Sally Pressman. Roxy gives me ginger ehn. She reminds me of myself in a way. I love her boldness and how she makes something of herself despite her background. I also admire the relationship portrayed between her and her fictional husband (hopeful romantic I have watched this series twice already and it has 6 seasons. I watch both Grey's Anatomy and Army Wives while working; that's too many days to lay up cuddled with tea.

8) Hope Floats

This is another feel-good romantic movie. It tells the story of a woman (Sandra Bullock) who leaves a turbulent marriage, relocates to her hometown, and finds love. This movie is definitely for days when I don't want to do anything. I enjoy it each time.

9) The Wedding Party

This is a Nigerian romantic-comedy. It came out in December last year and I have watched it 3 or 4 times already. I actually have it on my to-watch list again on Netflix. As a Nigerian, I am proud of this movie. I've watched this movie under different scenarios. It makes me hopeful, it excites me, it makes me think, and whew! It tells the story of a couple who chose to stay celibate till marriage but encounter some challenges as they prepare to be married. I love how obviously different Dunni and Dozie are. Adesua Etomi and Banky W killed their roles! I cannot even begin to describe my joy when they announced their real life engagement a couple of days ago. I wish I can tag along for their wedding. Their chemistry is very undeniable. If any of you ever reads this post: I wish you both a beautiful married life.

10) A Holiday Engagement

The last but certainly not the least. This movie is a Christmas-themed movie that tells a story about a woman who hires a fake fiance for the holidays to visit her parents and ends up falling in love with him. It has a few funny scenes. I love how it shows the best things in life are unexpected. I watch this when I'm also tired but in need of more work.

These are not by any chance all the movies I like on Netflix. This is also not an exhaustive list of movies I watch when I need a pick-me-up. But these ones, I have watched more times than I'll like to admit.

Tell me what you think about my selection and what movie(s) help you on those rough days.

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  1. How did I miss 'The Big Short' and all the Sandra Bullock ones? I love love love the woman! Anyway, my list is hereby updated, thanks for sharing, Winie. We love your smile too. Even when it's hidden behind a worried scowl, the memory of it keeps us warm.
    Oh oh, can we be called Winie's soldiers or Winie's dreamers or just winners (I know it sounds like the church but "how is it hanging, my winners?" is so so apt! :(


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