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Today, I'm sharing the recipe for one of my FAVORITE meals - Porridge Yam!

Some fun facts:
1) I love YAM!
2) This is one of the first meals, I learned to cook because of how easy it is.
3) This is originally my Grandfather's recipe. He taught my mum, and she passed it down to me. 

Here is a family recipe with a Winie-Twist!


1) 2lb of yam
2) 1 medium-sized onions
3) 3 medium-sized tomatoes
4) 1 Habanero or chilli pepper (optional)
5) 1 stock cube
6) 1 can of sardine
7) 1 dried fish
8) Salt to taste
9) Water
10) 1 cup of spinach
11) 1 cooking spoon of crayfish (grounded dried fish - if you can't access crayfish).
12) 1 or 2 cooking spoons of palm oil (depending on how red you like it)

Fun Tip: When it comes to meat for my Porridge yam, I freestyle! Today I use sardine and dried fish; tomorrow could be, leftover chicken or beef. Anything that's available will work fine. I always add dried fish because of the flavor it gives; otherwise, your pot is your runway.


1) Wash and chop your onions, pepper, and tomoatoes
2) Wash and cut your yam into small bits
3) Set a clean pot on the stove and add: yam, onions, tomatoes, pepper, stock cube, sardine, dried fish, and salt.
4) Add water until it covers just above the yam and ingredients
5) Boil on medium-low heat for 25 - 30 minutes
6) Stir and taste for salt
7) Confirm that yam is soft and cooked with a spoon or fork
8) Add Spinach

Unbelievably easy, right?!

Check out my video with visual steps.

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  1. just made this and it tastes great...thank you muyi love for the recipe


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