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I've tried really hard to think of a time that I didn't LOVE writing; honestly, I couldn't remember any. As a child, I had a book where I wrote the lyrics or what I thought were the lyrics of my favorite Nigerian movie soundtracks. I also wrote bits and pieces of their story lines, so that I won't forget and to tell someone else. I was a ROCK-STAR story teller...I hope I still have those skills.
It didn't take long before I started creating stories. Writing did what very few things did for me; it calmed me, it was a peaceful fulfilling feeling.

Several years ago, I didn't know what to do with my desire to write. I honestly thought it was one of those things like singing and dancing, which you do in the privacy of your room or bathroom, and come out to live a 'normal' life. Normal - meaning what you are supposed to be: AKA Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, and those professions that would ensure you eat three square meals or more.

Today, that's no longer the case. While I'm very grateful for the path my life has taken, I have come to love and appreciate my gift of writing a lot more. I actually call myself "A writer who has clinical and research skills". Writing is the thread that weaves all areas and colors of Winie together. Getting to know myself this much happened only within the last three years. Writing has opened and continues to open more doors and opportunities than any other thing I do. It has even made me better in other areas of my professional and personal life. You can imagine that I wish I had taken writing more seriously, years back.

This is where 'Words are Work (WAW)' makes an iconic entrance.

I discovered WAW when I started finding my way back to writing; nothing could have been more divine and apt. I really don't know of any other organization that is as passionate about developing writers in Nigeria or Africa. From sharing the works and literary pieces of beginning writers, and offering tips on how to be better, to organizing workshops and classes that leaves you a better writer.
I have been privileged to get to know Chisom (one of the founders) more, and my people, he is TALENTED. 

This makes me excited to tell you about the 'Fiction Master Class'.
 (Register Here)

This is a case of 'come as you are'. Whether you have never thought about writing a book, or have been flirting around with the idea of one, or have one that has given you sleepless nights and makes little to no sense, JUST COME. Or if you are not even the book-person, but you want to learn how to write short stories, publish on blogs, websites, or magazines, or you are terrible with words and sentence construction like me, or even just be a better writer, JUST COME.

(Register Here)

It cost 5,000 Naira; it might seem like a lot, but you would be getting:
a) A full day of writing tricks and nuggets from talented writers and literary gurus
b) One on one sessions of writing exercises and critiques
c) Discussions would cover: 
  • How to structure a story
  • Fundamentals of good story setting
  • Best practices for description in fiction and avoiding cliches.
d) Networking 
e) And a nice meal to wash it down

No, this is not a paid review or advert (not getting a dime either). The organizers are also not looking to make money off you. They are passionate about writers, just as I am. I know this class will help someone reading this post, who is just like me and can go without sleeping or eating, just to write. 

Since I'm thousands of miles away, I will be patiently waiting and tapping my fingers for the published book of the Master Class; I already got their first book. Oh, did I forget to mention, this is their second Fiction Masterclass, and the first was very successful?
(Register Here)

It's a small class, designed to intimately connect with the participants, so there are currently ONLY 19 slots left. Chances are while you are reading this post there won't be any remaining. So, HURRY! 

Honestly, even if only two people read this post and register, I would sleep a happy woman. 

We need more writers; we need more African writers. 

I definitely want to read more books by African authors and YOU could be one of them.

Register for WAW Fiction Master Class Season 2

Whether you register or not, stalk them on their social media platforms.
Google Plus: +WordsAreWork Literary Hub 
Instagram: @wordsarework
Facebook: Words are Work
Website: wordsarework.com

Have a Winning-Week

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