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Oya Pose!

We tried to talk and laugh on our way home as I struggled to calm the racing thoughts in my head; then something unexpected happened. I was so consumed with worrying and fixing that I forgot to say “Thank You”. As I settled in and took a shower, I realized that anything could have gone wrong if that flight took off before the alert. Anyone that is familiar with Florida and storms will tell you that it is no joke. I was consumed with my plans, and I didn’t see that God just saved my life.
Street Selfie. Yay or Nah...lol

As soon as I took a few minutes to relax, I went back to my Olivia-Pope-Mode. I started googling the US embassy contact information in Canada, and sending emails to anything that looked like an email address. The fact that it was night and most businesses were closed didn’t stop me from calling the numbers I saw. I don’t know which cockroach or rat that I was expecting to pick the call. I tossed and turned all night, replaying different scenarios in my head. Hoping that I would have successfully irritated the embassy with my ceaseless emails, to the point where they reschedule my interview for the next day against all protocols they had set.

This stole my heart. Still in Victoria
I woke up and the automated replies started coming into my inbox. They were filled with everything but what I wanted to hear. As soon as it reached 8:30, I started making calls again. Vancouver is 3 hours behind Miami time, so I knew that even the cockroaches were asleep. I googled provinces that were awake and started calling their embassies. The calls were not positive either. The last straw was when Vancouver woke up and sent me an email denying a request to reschedule my interview. The tears then broke through.

Love the old-feel of the city
I immediately started talking myself out of it. I remembered how my pastor in church always encouraged us to exercise our faith. Strength filled my bones, and courage captured my heart. I told myself that I had to get ready for my trip to Vancouver, and it started with a shower. Ladies and gentlemen, this was after all the rejections I got. Was I crazy? Absolutely! I just had crazy faith in God. There was a tiny piece of my heart that had fear lingering in it; but I was determined to keep my faith, HIGHER.

Horses just dey waka like motor for road
I quickly packed my bags again and hopped into the bathroom. I made sure I selected clothes that were for outing. I also put on my shoes like I was actually going out. Roomie heard the sound of my shoes and rushed out thinking I had heard some good news. I laughed and told her that there was no news yet but I was going to Canada. I’m sure she wondered briefly what exactly was wrong with me. My initial plan before crazy-faith-move, was to wait and hear from the embassy then plan a trip to Vancouver. I skipped the first part.

On the Ferry back to Vancouver
My dad’s call came in; the ever funny father-of-mine tried to cheer me up as he made fun of different aspects of what had happened. We discussed the options that I had and even without me selling it, he jumped on board with my crazy-faith. He encouraged me to go to Vancouver. I continued getting ready, even told Roomie to prepare to take me to the airport. Then the unexpected happened.

After several calls and several numbers, I got a call from the embassy asking me to come the next day as I had initially requested. If there were ever doubts in my mind about the power of faith in God, this right here cleared it. Even if there was no other reason for all that happened, to see faith, raw in action like this, is worth everything I went through.
The cause of all these seven oceans: Conference in London

Dear readers, life is not going to give you easy options. Most of the time, things will not go as you planned or expected. The one thing that will take you through ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in life is ‘Faith’. The bible says “If you have faith the size of a muster seed, you can move mountains”. This is just one of the mountains I have seen move. Stop crying and pouting, exercise that crazy-faith in God, and watch even the biggest of mountains crumble to your feet.

Make it a Winning-Day

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