How I Snagged A Free Mini Vacation + My EgyptAir Experience

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My People!
How body?

PhD has been doing me strong things. In other news, I am now a PhD Candidate. Wohooo!

Describing the process and experience will take several posts. The short version is, I have successfully completed all my PhD classes, passed my qualifying exams, and in the process of completing my dissertation to graduate. God has been too wonderful to me! I look back at this year and see how my goals were accomplished and I am too thankful.

Let's talk about this vacation!
So, it all started about 6 months ago. I was flirting with the idea of going home for Christmas. Anyone living abroad will tell you that the decision and preparation to go home requires some serious thoughts. I was considering so many things, but finally in September, I committed and bought my flight ticket.

With all the drama surrounding foreign exchange and our Nigerian economy, finding a flight ticket within my budget was like filling a basket with water. When I finally found a decent flight, it was a 36 hour journey with EgyptAir, including a 19 hour layover! Ha! I convinced myself that it would be an experience good or bad. Honestly, I was preparing myself for the worst. Anyone that heard about my flight either gave me a sorry-eye look, or wondered silently what was wrong with me.

As my flight approached, I tried not to think about it. Honestly, it didn't even register that I was going home, until I got to the airport. The process of boarding was very smooth, until someone took my window seat. It turned out to be a blessing, as the seat I ended up with had an empty seat beside it. Somebody scream "SLEEP"!!!!!!

It was a 10 hour flight to Cairo, Egypt. Prior to my flight I had done some research and found out that accommodation could be offered in Cairo, if your layover was longer than 6 hours. However, there were conflicting reports. So, I left a very big room in my heart for disappointment.  Aside from the racist, rude, and unprofessional, air hostesses (story for another day), it was a smooth flight. We arrived Cairo, at about noon and we were ushered into the airport.

Cairo International Airport

On arriving, I inquired about who to talk to about our layover, and I was immediately told to go to a counter for FREE accommodation. I was so relieved, but then again, I was expecting a cheap motel or something to just lay my head for a few minutes, nothing prepared me for the rest of my experience. After taking our documents to finish necessary paper work, a bus took us to a hotel that was about 5-10 minutes from the airport.

We lodged at Le Passage Cairo Hotel and Casino.

Lobby view

Still Lobby

More Lobby

Checking in to the hotel was a breeze. It seemed like the hotel had a standing relationship with EgyptAir, so they just registered our names and gave us our keys, two buffet vouchers (lunch and dinner), and we were off to our rooms. I was pleasantly SURPRISED!

Welcome Egyptian desserts. Yummy on all levels!

A few hours later, I went for lunch. I kept a semi-open mind; in other words, I was open to tasting everything, not necessarily eating (lol). It was a lovely buffet! Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the dinner buffet, but it was also amazing, Here are some pictures of the lunch buffet.

My Favorite: Chopped Lamb

My first taste plate looked like this

I had a great time. I strolled out in the evening and I got this view of the hotel

To think that I got all this without any direct payment was just amazing. I've been telling anyone that cared to listen, how amazing my long trip was. I wish all long trips were like this - sigh
I ended it all with a nice nap and movies!

I'm not sure how much EgyptAir pays to do this for their layover passengers; except the hotel is really cheap or we were just given a very special treat, it feels like some money. The flight ticket was also not outrageously priced, so I feel so thankful for the treat.

Although this is not a paid review (lol...they are coming soon), I just had to share. If you are travelling and you want to combine a small vacation, EgyptAir should definitely be on your radar. They also offer a tour of Cairo, with some amazing parts of Egypt to explore; however they charge a small fee for the tour. The hotel and food, absolutely FREE!

Thank me later (winks)

Make it a Winning-Day

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  1. lol... Now I feel like a jerk for trying to discourage you from getting on that flight! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip :)


    1. LOL!!!! It was not only you dear. I know you were showing concern. Plenty kisses!

  2. Wow! See flexing! Biko do they allow people to just enter, fly around and go back home??? :)

    1. LOL!!!!!!!!! I'm sure we can make inquiries. You might just be the first and only person...LOL


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