Student Recipe: Vegetable Coconut Rice

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I remember my days in secondary school like it was yesterday. There's a lot to talk about those six years as a boarding student. Funnily, as life continues those experiences are fast becoming distant memories. I plan on writing out as much as I can remember, so that I can have stories to tell those children of mine coming soon.

Anyway, we had One (1) visiting day per term. I know how weird that might sound to most of you! Yes, it was ONE! And for this one, I will write a list that will be so long, anyone seeing it might think five Igbo brides were getting married. One thing that was always on my list was : Coconut Jollof Rice. I love that food ehn; mumsy is a specialist for this one.

Fast-forward some years later. I have tasted adulthood and independence, as well as the time constraint that comes with it. Most times, it's not as easy to squeeze out time to cook and enjoy those elaborate meals, I took for granted in Nigeria. But, I found ways to eat my cake and have it.

This menu is special not just because I love anything that contains coconut milk and rice. But because, it gives me a taste of home, in a very short time. If you love coconut rice, and you want a fast, cheap, and simple recipe, let's get to it.


a) 1 Cup of Parboiled Rice

b) 1 bell pepper
c) 1 Habanero/chilli pepper
d) 1 bunch of spring onions
e) 1 small bulb of onion

f) 1/2 teaspoon of  Curry and Thyme
g) 1 seasoning cube
h) Salt to taste
i) 1/2 teaspoon of Rosemary

j) Chicken Stock (1 -1/2 cup) - (you can purchase this from a store, if you don't have or use fresh chicken for this meal).


a) Wash and parboil the rice.
b) Chop vegetables

c) Set a clean pot on the stove (low heat). Add coconut milk, chicken stock, spices, salt, and seasoning cubes. Simmer for three to five minutes
d) Stir and taste for salt/spices. Add more, if necessary. Add the parboiled rice, stir and cover. Keep heat on low.
e) Check the rice after five minutes. Once water is no longer too visible on the surface, add chopped onions, habanero pepper, and bell pepper. Don't add the spring onions yet. Cover for  five to seven minutes.
f)  When the water is almost dried, add the spring onions. Keep the top of the spring onion for final garnishing.
g) Let it cook for another three to five minutes, until water is completely dry.
h) Food is ready my darlings!

Enjoy with any protein of your choice. It was a fish-kind-of-day for me. If you try this recipe, please let me know how it turns out. Tag me on Instagram (@wini_ade).

Until we chat in the comment section,
Make it a Winning-Day

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