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The misconceptions about life abroad is growing.The people that portray living abroad as a slew of lies, are not helping matters at all. This is dedicated, to every frustrated person on both sides of this matter. These are some truths about living abroad:

#1 - The Theory of Borrow-Pose

This might not be a surprise with our social media generation AKA show-off generation, where people constantly feel the pressure to show a certain kind of personality or lifestyle, even if it's fake. Living abroad brings an added layer to this false self-presentation.

It's relatively easy to come in contact with flashy cars and houses, take pictures with them and publish on social media. Unfortunately, people buy into this falsehood and it further fuels the perception that a luxurious lifestyle is EASIER to attain. Well, not really! Luxury is expensive everywhere in the world.

#2 - There is Something Called, CREDIT

A lot of purchases and lifestyles are maintained without actual cash. So, I can dress from head to toe, while I pay gradually for the items I'm wearing; I can drive a Mercedes Benz E-class, and pay monthly; and the list goes on and on. Apart from the fact that people might acquire a lot of unnecessary and almost go hungry to pay for them gradually, a number of those items could be REPOSSESSED, if payment stops, and other consequences like bad credit score which will just make life very difficult. None of this is written on the Instagram pictures. So before you envy, remember, they might not even completely own what you are envying.

#3 - People are SUFFERING

Not a lot of people will tell you how they earn their money, but I tell you, IT IS NOT EASY. A lot of people struggle with keeping up with their bills, even those that have degrees. A good number of people do menial jobs, ridiculous numbers of hours and several jobs to make ends meet. For example, someone might earn $2000 a month which translates to 630,000 Naira in my country (current exchange rate). At first glance, you might think, that is a lot of MONEY! That's until I tell you, this person's monthly rent is $900, their car payment is $300, their car insurance is $200, their utilities (light, cable, water, internet, phone) is $200, Fuel is $150, Food is $200, etc. Now tell me, how much do they have left every month? I'll wait....do the math. 

#4 - A lot of things are CHEAPER or have better QUALITY in your home country.

I've heard people ignorantly suggest, everything is BETTER outside their home country. As a Nigerian, there are so many things that I'll rather get from home. Sometimes, the quality is not as good (SHOCKINGLY!); other times, it's too expensive. For example, my hair extensions are mostly from Nigeria. It's not like they are not here, but for the same amount in Nigeria, the quality here is lower. To get the same level of quality calls for an amount of money that my student pocket cannot handle. Another interesting fact is, prices are regulated in different countries, based on the cost of living or what the product owners estimate that the people in that country can afford. For example, I'm better off buying somethings from Nigeria; the same product will have a higher price margin in the US, because the US is a richer country.

#5 - Somethings are HARDER to achieve just because you are a FOREIGNER

Another tough pill to swallow, but it is the fact. As a foreigner, you may have to work harder to prove yourself and some opportunities are not even open to you. The struggle for acceptance is REAL.

#6 - There is no FREE or EASY money

There is no one sharing money at the airport. You don't come in and start making money IMMEDIATELY. Additionally, the style of earning money per hour makes people very busy and reduces flexibility. It's not like people turn snobs and become difficult to relate with; they genuinely might not have the time to maintain relationships.

Life abroad could be great! There are systems in place that create more opportunities and can help you achieve your goals. However, nothing takes away from the HARD WORK. If you have been thinking that people are somehow better than you and have easier lives because they based abroad, PLEASE STOP! In life, the location might be different, but the HUSTLE is constant.

On that note, DREAM BIG and FLY HIGH. Admire people's success and learn from them, but don't ENVY anyone.

Until we chat again,

Make it a Winning-Day

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