The Flight-Hole : Crazy Faith Part 2

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This gist is continued from Crazy Faith Part 1
If you haven't read that one, the story will not be sweet .... Don't worry, I will wait for you.

I was at 85% at this point. I could feel fear creeping into my mind and heart as I tried to stay calm. I had scheduled two international conferences, both of which I was a presenter, and needed my US visa to be valid so that I could re-enter the UNITED STATES; you see what I mean. The next two hours felt like longest wait of my life. We sat in the aircraft, just WAITING; worst of all, not being sure of what we were waiting for. I constantly checked my phone for other flights, alternatives, anything that will get me to Vancouver. All my search ended in a dark nothing.

The pilot announced again, that we were not just grounded, but that we should start preparing to disembark from the plane. We the passengers, were not even sure of what was going on – are we flying or not? Nobody could really answer the questions. We filed ourselves out of the airplane, back into the airport. At this point, I was at 100%.
A few minutes later, someone casually announced that the flight was cancelled. “Cancelled ke!” The person continued by announcing that the shift of the crew that was supposed to take us to Houston was over; they had clocked out. I wasn’t sure of how to react – laugh or cry. Who knew that the shift of a pilot could end and it warranted leaving passengers in the airport? This was breaking news to me.
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Lo and behold, we watched as our crew dragged their luggage from the airplane and left us cramming like bees on different counters. The devastation was palpable; the plans that people had made on that flight was hit with a wrecking ball. I scrambled to get on another flight; called the airline customer service more times than I could count, all to no avail. It just started to sink in my head what this change could mean for me.
At different times, I tried to get emotional and cry; but, I reminded myself how useless that would be. I would only get myself angry and worked-up, none of which will do anything positive to the current situation. I put on my big-girl panties and continued the search for a way out. 

The walls were up; it was a very strange scenario. Imagine trying everything and meeting a road block everywhere. I quickly contacted my soldiers – bros and roomie. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this two. Bros, is my immediate younger brother, but I feel like his immediate younger sister a lot of times. Roomie is one angel that God put to share an apartment with me. These two went ballistic with flight searches. I was getting screenshots of flights and they were on the phone, trying to dig me out this flight-hole.
Most of the other flights were full and others had also been affected by the weather. As a last resort, I jetted to another airport 45 minutes away from where I was. As we crept through Miami traffic, and a heavy rain, I started trying to make peace with the fact that I may not get to Vancouver. My fears were confirmed when I arrived at the second airport and the counters were empty. The crazy-night ended with Roomie, picking me up from the airport.
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