My Indomie Is Remaining ONE

12:50 AM

I don't know whether to CRY or SCREAM.

I took a picture and sent to my mum with a teary eye emoticon. She has been dealing with my obsession with Indomie for so many years. She definitely understands her precious daughter's cravings.

My obsession with Indomie runs deep! This beautiful piece of food has been with me since I was a little girl. I'm not quite sure of when I fell in love with Indomie; I just know, I LOVE IT. Indomie is an anytime-food for me. When I'm very hungry or not hungry; when I'm very tired or very lazy; when I'm not feeling my best or when I'm a rock-star; and the list goes on and on. As a student, Indomie is an absolute life-saver. It saves me so much time and stress, and for the umpteenth time, I love it.

My Indomie finishing, would not have been an event, but it is quite difficult for me to get another one. A few years ago, I heard that Indomie was being thrown away by the immigration officials at the airport. If you or anyone is expecting a supply of Indomie from Nigeria, this might be a good time to start praying seriously for the safe journey of your noodles - I digress.

It was other people's sad story until this past December, my dad visited and my Indomie was THROWN AWAY!  Luckily, I was too excited to see my dad, I forgot to cry. In the last few months, I have been a miser. My mum's supply made it to my apartment, and I have been carefully taking one every so many days. But now, I have to face the reality of not having anymore.

The officials always give the same reason for throwing away Indomie - chicken flavor; it's pretty shocking. Firstly, I applaud these officials for working very hard to protect the borders. I also remember there was a time, chicken products were causing some havoc; so, I understand it. But let's go back to this reason - chicken flavor; that's French for 'anything but real chicken'. I can't tell you exactly what's in the spice-packet, but my guess is: NOT REAL CHICKEN. So, Indomie can't really do any chicken-related harm.

In my desperation, I went on Amazon to find "Nigerian Indomie". I saw someone selling a carton for over $60 and my cravings were immediately suppressed. Man shall not live by bread aloneI don't even want to imagine the profit this person is making on each carton. To give you a clearer picture, a rough conversion of the price of one carton of Indomie in Naira to dollar is $4.25; somewhere over 5,000% profit. 


Speaking of which, where were all these business ideas before I started my PhD? Who knew buying and selling Indomie from Nigeria to America, could be this lucrative?

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  1. OMG!...winifred adebayo. Longest time...was on Bella Naija,read your post, decided to come here and am truly are doing extremely well..keep it up..#afcs#ucheokonkwo...u shd remember

    1. Hi Uche,

      I definitely remember you. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by. We should catch up soon.


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