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It was a very long day from school and work, and I was hungry. Usually, when I've been hungry for a long time, I start fantasizing about what I would eat to calm my throbbing stomach. However, on this day, nothing was coming to my mind. It was one of those 'tired-of-the-usual' days.

After my thoughts raced around a bit, I decided on parfait. I made a strawberry-parfait a while ago, but strawberries were not in SEASON...uggghhhh. 

I wanted to try something new. I remembered with parfait, you can use any combination of the ingredients. I also wanted something that was not expensive to make.

Armed with my imagination and hunger, I entered the store. My budget was $10. I was fortunate to meet some great deals. 

For this recipe, you would need the following:

#1 - Bananas

#2 - Kiwi

#3 - Ice Cream

#4 - Cookies

#5 - Chocolate


#1 Slice one banana into small circles and one kiwi into semi-circles

#2 - Crush 2-3 pieces of cookies into rough crumbs (put in zip-lock bag and hit with your fist or any hard equipment).

#3 - Get a clean cup (wine glasses are cute) and arrange the items however you like. For me, I used this order:

a) one tablespoon of ice-cream
b) one teaspoon of cookie-crumbs
c) one teaspoon of chocolate
d) few pieces of sliced bananas and kiwis.

#4 - Repeat whatever sequence you started with until, the cup is full.

#5 - Design the top to your taste.

#6 - ENJOY!!!!!

This recipe cost approximately $7, and can serve about 3 adults, with big portions. It is great for entertaining friends, reading nights, etc. and did I mention it's nutritious, filling and YUMMY?

This is one of those foods that takes the edge off. 
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