Student Spotlight: Oreoluwa Esther Akinola

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our spotlight today on the beautiful, God-fearing, inspiring, and amazing....(Thunderous drum rolls)........

Oreoluwa Esther Akinola

Hometown, Country

Osun, Nigeria

School (location)

Teesside University, Middleborough, England

Current Program, level, year in school

 BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition, 2nd year

Tell us a little about yourself/ what’s unique about you?

 Oreoluwa Esther is a positive thinker and loves to see the bright side of things even when people around her don’t. She is a fighter and never gives up easily, even when everything isn’t working according to plan; she is flexible enough to adjust to the environment she finds herself in and also believes life is what you make of it not what it makes of you. She strives to live a life full of love because people wont remember how much money spent on them but the difference and the way she cares about them.
Oreoluwa Esther is always grateful, in the little things like a hug, smile and friends and the big things like the grace to see another amazing day and when the sun rises and sets.
She loves to bake and watch movies and uses that to balance her work life; she also loved reading novels and sleeping (laughs).

Why did you choose your school? 

Well, I didn’t choose my university. I wanted to go to Leeds but I didn’t make the grades for it. So, I called a few universities and got a call back from Teesside, where I was accepted. I'm so grateful they did because they offered me a scholarship and their fees are low compared to other universities.

What internships/jobs have you done? 

Teesside University Student Food Co-op Finance Chair

What is/are the highlight (s) of your student life?

-Meeting some of the most amazing people on plant earth who have taught me not only to be grateful and love my neighbors, but also to be able to give back to the community I live in. I also learned through them that I am the change, my world is waiting for.

-Volunteering at the student Food Co-op, which helped me broaden my opportunities like meeting some of the recruitment officers in the food industry through training and conferences. Also working alongside some amazing young ladies and mentoring them in achieving their goals, for which I received young peer mentor at the Black History Month.

What do you plan to do after your degree? 

Travel round the world for a while because I love to experience other people’s culture and then get a job in a food industry.

What do you dream of accomplishing in your lifetime? 

An amazing author and entrepreneur; helping young women believe in themselves and dream big; letting people know about the love of Christ because He is my rock and my help.

What advice do you have for students and young people? 

Be yourself, just because other people are doing it doesn’t mean you should; you are unique and strive to always be that. Don’t be a photocopy of someone else. Dream big, write down your goals and stick to it. There would be opposition along the way but don't let that put you down. Be disciplined, always have a grateful heart, chose your friends wisely. In your circle, have people who inspire you to do and be better, who are excited about good things and people who have a heart of gratitude

What three things do you carry with you all the time? 

Love, Self-discipline and Integrity.

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