Student Spotlight : Blessing Uzunma Amah

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I get very excited as it gets close to Wednesday, because the people that get featured here EXCITE ME! Today, we have a pharmacist who is in medical school. How cool is that? Honestly, the INTELLIGENT ones have been born. This young woman is amazing and without further ado, I present the lady of the day........


Nick name


Hometown, Country

 Abia State, Nigeria

School (location)
American University Of St Vincent, School Of Medicine

Current Program, level, year in school

 MD 4 Semester 4

Tell us a little about yourself/ what’s unique about you? 

I am very determined, hardworking and always ready to sacrifice whatever is required in order to reach my goals.

Why did you choose your school?

I choose AUS because it has a small student to teacher ratio. I felt the teachers will be able to impact the students more, if they have less students to teach; I was right.

What internships/jobs have you done? 

Internship at Blue Cross Labs in Goa, India where I learnt how to manufacture , package and test for drug accuracy.
I have also worked as a laboratory attendant in Perpetual Hospital at Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

What is/are the highlight (s) of your student life? 

-I had the highest score in the class for microbiology course during my semester 3 block 2 exam.
-During a health fair, I was among the few students who could draw blood because of my internship at the lab.

What do you plan to do after your degree?

-I plan to finish my training and become a medical doctor.
-I plan to serve people with the knowledge and experience I have as a Doctor and a Pharmacist.
-I also plan to teach and share knowledge with other people interested in healthcare.

What do you dream of accomplishing in your life time?

 Hmmmm! That’s huge. My biggest dream so far is to build a state of the art hospital in Nigeria, in collaboration with my Nigerian colleagues studying abroad.
 This hospital will consist of various kinds of healthcare professionals, latest equipment, drugs and machines. The bar for the healthcare professionals in this institution will be very high.

What advice do you have for students and young people?

 As one who already has a degree in pharmacy and is currently pursuing a 2nd degree as a medical doctor, I advice my fellow students and young people to always pursue their dreams no matter how difficult it may seem  and not to waste any opportunity they get.
Additionally, face your studies with vigor and try to be the best at whatever you find yourself doing.

What three things do you carry with you all the time? 

At all times, trinity of God: God the father, Jesus the son and the holy spirit because, by man's own wisdom is grossly limited.

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