Let's Talk About 2016 Goals and Dreams...Are You Ready?

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I love crossing over to the New Year in church. Ending a year and starting a new year worshiping and praising God is a gift. It ushers me into a new year with rejoicing and so much joy in my heart, and that is the best way to start a new year. I’m sure so many of my readers did something different; I want to hear all about it in the comment section.

So, I started blogging early last year, but not early enough to post my year goals and resolutions. To be honest, posting New Year goals is quite nerve-racking for me; particularly because it forces me to do the work and be accountable on a larger scale. However, that particular reason is why I’m sharing this. So, sorry Winifred, you have to work HARDER this year.

I’m extremely grateful for what I achieved last year, all the twist and turns that I experienced, and most importantly, the lessons I learned. I’ve used the past few days to think deep about what I want to achieve this year. Some of these dreams are a lot bigger than who I am right now. But, I believe, if my dream doesn’t look impossible at first, then, I haven’t started dreaming. However, the goals have to be realistic to an extent and I have to be willing to do the work required. With that being said, these are what I hope to achieve by God’s grace and mercy in this New Year:

1) Get Closer to God

I know that sounds very cliché. In fact, so many people around the world will say the same thing, using the exact words. However, it doesn’t stop it from being relevant. Most people struggle when it comes to believing in God and my post on Simple Math about Life, talks about weighing the alternative of not believing in God. God is REAL and believing in God through Jesus Christ, has given me a fulfillment that words cannot explain. To get closer to God, I plan to increase my daily Bible study, set out at least 30 minutes of my day for praying and meditating, and increase my Gospel music library tremendously.

2) Publish at least two first-author articles from my doctoral program

In my recap of 1st year as a doctoral student, I talked about how we are trained to write publishable articles from the beginning of the program. Well, those papers need to be pushed out of my computer to places where they can actually make impact. This is one of my major projects for this year.

3) Publish more non-academic articles

I plan to grow the list of my published articles exponentially. In the past, I have published on Bella Naija, CosmopolitanNigeria, Words are Work, The Naked Convos and Glam Africa. This year, I want to write for more blogs, websites, and magazines.

4) Collaborations

This is the year for all kinds of collaborations for me: brand, blog, project, etc. Last year, I focused on just writing articles; but this year, I would like to do a lot more. I currently work with Chisom Martin from Words are Work, where we run a column on relationships. I’m looking forward to hosting giveaways, running series with other bloggers/vloggers, creating lessons and E-courses, and organizing/participating in events and conferences.

5) Become a brand ambassador

As I'm typing this, I'm completely clueless as to how this will happen. But I believe my other goals will propel me to a point where I'll be a major voice that brands will be interested in working with.

6) Travelling

This year is not the year to be in one location; the devil is a liar. The world is so big, I feel like I cheat myself by not exploring. There will be visits to new places and of course, meeting new people.

These are my 6 clear goals for this New Year. There are a lot more where that came from, but in the spirit of accountability, let’s start from six *hides face*.  There is a new column starting on Wednesday (01/06). It promises to be worth your time. 

Back to the question: Am I ready for 2016? Well, ready or not, 2016 is HERE!

I wish you an AWESOME 2016.

Have a Winning-Weekend

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  1. 1. Definitely getting close to God will kinda sort everything else out...it's gotta be my number 1 too.
    2. Help others grow

  2. I completely agree with your second point too. I have seen and appreciated the value of lifting other people up. It is definitely something I have major plans of doing on the blog this year. I started last year with the "Studentpreneur" column and I want to do a lot more. Thanks for your comment Dear!

  3. A great way to start the year..
    Look forward to your testimony at the end of the year!!

    1. Thank you Uzor! I look forward to see more of you on WSW.


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