How I had My 'Me-Time'

9:41 AM

More than a week has gone by ALREADY! How are you doing?

I hope 2016 has been beautiful for you. A lot of people have resumed 'normal' life. Yikes! Me too. I resumed on the 4th, and right now, I don't even feel like I ever had a break; everything is back with full speed.

While I was taking my mum to the airport (sobs), we started a conversation. She made reference to a very common quote in the bible "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:31). She pointed out how a lot of emphasis is put on 'neighbor', and not much on 'yourself'. Isn't that true?

People are quick to judge you as selfish, when you focus on yourself. But the truth is, you CAN'T take care of people, if you don't take care of yourself. As students, you can't do well in school, if you don't take very good care of yourself. 

I was pondering over the conversation with my mum, when I decided to take some hours off my day and give myself a treat. It was nothing big or expensive, but I came back feeling GREAT.

 To begin, which girl does not like painting her nails? I love doing this, when I want to relax

Next, I waxed my eyebrows. I found Rapid Wax at the Falls in Miami, some months ago. They give the precision of threading with waxing;threading is really painful for me. Since then, I have been a faithful customer.

I wanted a new perfume; it was supposed to be a Christmas gift to myself. I decided to enter Bath & Body Works; unknown to me they were having a HUGE SALE.

I was like a child in a candy store. Prices are RIDICULOUSLY LOW! It was because of this sale, I decided to put up this post ASAP. You can also order things online! Yay! Hurry Here. The sale ends very soon.

After being confused for a very long time, I chose the 'Be Joyful' perfume. This perfume got me at 'Hello'. The name of the perfume is really....BE JOYFUL. Imagine having a daily reminder of 'joy' on your dressing table.

This perfume was originally almost $40; but it has a 75% discount...You see what I was saying?!
The bottle is BEAUTIFUL!

There are small balls, in each of the round cases on top. When, you open the perfume, it makes some sounds. I call it the 'Joyful sound'. You can tell, a lot of thought was put into creating the package of this perfume. I compared its fragrance with other ones, and it stood out to me. This perfume definitely stole my heart.

Having a hand-sanitizer that smells 'amazing', makes you want to use it often. This theory has been tested and proven by Winie. I took advantage of this sale and got myself a pocket hand-sanitzer. It was less than $1.

Say GOODBYE to snacking with dirty hands! That's not all! The holder was also on sale for less $1

Together, they make a great accessory for your key bunch or hand bag. 

If you don't already have a key-holder, this is a great buy.

Finally, I ended with Egusi Soup and Amala. I love food! Food is a gift from God!Again, I love food!

Garnished with Snail, Shaki and Stockfish.....

That was how I had my Me-Time. I hope to do this more often. I was able to clear my head and felt so refreshed. I encourage you to take time and do little things with and for yourself. Believe it or not, we have a relationship with our body. It is our duty to work on that relationship. 

I hope you enjoyed the first feature on the Student Spotlight column, last week. Vivian is an inspiring young woman; if you haven't read it, please do so NOW! Expect more inspiring stories on the blog.

Don't go yet! Tell me how you spent or would spend your own Me-Time. Until we chat again....

Have a Joyful-Day

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