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I really cannot remember ever believing in Santa Claus. Let's call him 'Father Christmas'- that's what I remember calling the man who wore a red costume every Christmas season.

You see, back in primary school, we had a party every year in December, shortly before the Christmas break began. I remember the room that Father Christmas stayed in, was really the best part of the party. Everyone (Well, most people) was thrilled about entering that room, because you would come out with a gift. I liked the idea of getting a gift, but I wasn't fascinated about the lie that the man beneath the costume came from somewhere special, which I later found out to be North Pole.

Was I a child? The answer is a resounding 'YES'. However, my imagination was not that wild. Especially because, I figured out VERY EARLY, in fact TOO EARLY, that it was one of our teachers they made to wear that costume. It was one of those moments where you could not Un-know the truth. Well, I became one of the children that delighted in ruining the experience for others. I just felt the need to tell them who it really was under the costume. Annoying right?

I give my school credit, they switched it up every year. But I an my crew of  'Father-Christmas-Ruiners' stayed on top of the game. When Father Christmas will carry us and say things that I barely remember while someone else was taking a picture, we would be looking for open spaces in the face, wrist, or ankles to tell who exactly it was. If any of those failed, we will pay close attention to the fake voice, because Father Christmas would slip when pronouncing something and we would know EXACTLY who it was. If one person didn't get enough time to figure it out, there were a few of us, the next person will also attempt to uncover it and once it was revealed, we proceeded to ruining the mystery for other unassuming children. Well, that was little Winie.

So I grew up! And I still hate the idea of Santa Claus, particularly because I have real needs that Santa cannot meet. Apart from the fact that I don't get the idea that people find it cute to make their children believe in it and work really hard to reinforce the fantasy, it just takes away the real focus of Christmas which is 'Christ'. 

Well, none of this stopped me from having a Christmas Wish List. Jesus still ROCKS at answering prayers. Besides, do we ever stop being children? I feel like a big-little girl ALL THE TIME. So, I want two things for Christmas *Side eye*. So, you can go ahead and say it "Winie is not Greedy".

#1 MacBook Air

Can you breathe the air? Can you feel the air? Yeeeks! A MacBook will do some wonderful things to my new found love for media. Let me just take a moment and fix my eyes on this beauty...

Hmmmm.....hmmmmmm....hmmmmmm....okay, next..

#2 Nikon D5100 DSLR

Chai...My people! I daydream about this sleek work of art. As a blogger, pictures are a huge part of the messages I try to pass across. Anyway, this camera is looking for me! I hope it finds me pretty soon. 

As much as I would be very excited with those gadgets, I really don't NEED anything for Christmas. The birth of Christ is more than enough. I'm grateful for my family, friends, and you my readers. When I sit, to count my blessings, I realize that I should be giving and not asking.

So dear God, all I want for Christmas is to Thank You for EVERYTHING.


I hope you all had an amazing celebration.

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