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My amazing people! It's another juicy feature on 'Studentpreneur'. 

Where exactly do I start from, to describe this inspiring, talented, and hardworking woman? Well, I'll just let you read for yourself. 
Meet CEO/Owner of ML_Pro Makeovers...(thunderous drum rolls)...


My name is Koleosho A. Ololade; I'm 21 years old. I'm a 300-level (third year) Philosophy student at University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I'm a business owner, ML_Pro Makeovers; a makeup artist and hair stylist. I'm the last girl of the three beautiful girls.

What is/are your favorite brands/Makeup items?

My favorite makeup brands internationally, are MAC , Mary Kay and Motive Cosmetics; nationally, I love Zaron.  My favorite makeup item is my lip gloss; I can't do without it. I don't usually wear makeup because of my busy schedule, so my LED Lip gloss is a life saver! Lip Poppin' always!

What’s your ideal makeup look?

My ideal makeup look is definitely a flawless nude look. If it is done properly with well-defined brows, sculpted face, awesome Lips-not necessarily colorful and of course double coated lashes, is my go-to any day.

 What/Who inspired you to become a Makeup artist as a student and how long did it take to start the business?

What inspired me was the death of a renowned makeup artist - Late Mrs Adenike Ogungbe of EwarMakeovers; my cousin told me about her course mate who had just died and how good she was. I decided to check online and I came across her tutorial video of  'How To Tie Gele

........and from there it all started.
It took a year before I decided to start the business fully. ML_Pro Makeovers is a year old, thank God!

      What’s the inspiration behind the name ‘ML_Pro Makeovers’?

The inspiration behind the name came from a nickname 'MissLolade', I got during my first year on campus. My social media accounts were 'misslolade' including my blog ( where I wrote stories and other pieces. When I was thinking of a brand name, I got stuck and used several ones like 'Ololade Ologe' and more.  I settled for 'ML_Pro', which stuck to me when people called me 'ML' everywhere in school.

      What sets you apart in the makeup industry?

I'm  young, dedicated, and an undergraduate student. My dedication to details and passion for what I do is why I believe other undergraduates who know me want entrepreneurship. I'm not into the business for the money alone, but because I enjoy what I do and I do it well.

      Walk us through the step by step process that you went through starting a business as a student?

When I was setting up my business, I was confused; I didn't know how to go about it. I thought all it involved was 'makeup', but I figured out over time that there was more to it. Of course I made me so many mistakes but I learnt from them. I had to brush up my skills, as I am self-trained. I needed to advance and be more professional, So I took up in-house makeup job positions at studios where I taught and learned also. 
Then I realized being a student it would be best I started from school campus and make good use of the student environment. I did several free jobs and beauty shoots with student photographers that promoted me. I also found out that I learned more from teaching, so I didn't stop sharing knowledge and learning too; I got good audience on campus which added to my popularity. It wasn't easy investing in makeup products as I received no funds from anybody weekly or monthly so I had to put back what I got from the few jobs I did. Luckily, my client base started booming and my kit increased; from it I taught students that paid me to teach them.

How did you build your brand?

In building my brand, a friend helped with my business logo and another helped with my website which has not been launched officially. Instagram has helped greatly with referrals as most of my clients are from Instagram. Social media basically has helped in promoting my brand which is why I don't joke with my social appearance; I take it seriously.
Bearing in mind that I am still a student, I try not to get carried away. I believe I have built my brand to an extent and there is more time after school to grow it bigger but until then, EDUCATION is key! I'm not an advocate of dropping out of school.

    Do you have a team? 

Yes, I have a team. I have interns that I teach, who also work with me. They are mostly students from my school. I also have some people outside Ibadan for times when I need to travel or if I can't meet up with a client.

         In improving your skills and knowledge in Makeup, what medium(s) did you use and why? (formal education, online, workshop, books, personal-coach, etc.)

In improving my skills in Makeup I go online to read and watch videos and whenever I'm on holiday, I work with Sit-Pretty Beauty Studio in Lekki, Lagos. When I resume work, my Boss, Mrs Kunbi Fashakin would usually give me classes to brush-up my knowledge. I also follow a lot of makeup artist on Instagram and other social media platforms to keep up with the trends.

      What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career is my impact on undergraduates and youths like me. I receive messages and phone calls of encouragement and sincerely that is what keeps me going;the fact that some people appreciate what I do and my indirect preaching of Entrepreneurship.

What character traits mapped your success?

 Patience and tolerance have mapped my success. I work with different people and if I don't have patience or tolerate unpleasant attitudes and situations, I wouldn't get as many referrals as I have today.

    What was it like being a student and starting an organization?

As a student it's not easy running a business and trying to keep up with school work; especially my type of business, where I would have to travel often. Overtime I learned to manage my time and prioritize.

       How did you raise the capital you needed and how long did it take?

My elder sister bought few makeup products for my 20th birthday as gifts and made me promise her that I would make the best of them and double up. She reminds me now of how proud she is. I had to put back whatever little money I got back into the business.


       What other major challenges did you have, especially as a student?

Major challenge is transportation with my makeup trolley, being a mobile makeup artist. Not having a car is a disadvantage; the stress and cost of moving here and there to meet up with clients is demanding. Being a student too, I have to fend for myself and also invest in my business. So, practically I'm always out of cash because as it comes in, it goes back into my business and my upkeep.

     What are your fees? And how did you set the bar for prices? 

My fees are budget friendly and I believe my work speaks for itself. For Bridals, I charge 70,000 Naira ($350)  for a day and 120,000 Naira ($600) for two days with complimentary makeup and Gele (head tie) for the bride's mother. Home services at 10,000 Naira ($50) per person including Gele and false lash application. (Location determines the price increase)


   Any tips on how students can achieve a beautiful look on a low budget?

Students can achieve beautiful makeup looks on a low budget only if they are not makeup junkies, where they just buy for the sake of it and not bother about how well they apply it. Flawless makeup is not about the product but application. There are cheap products that still give great finish and they last too. For example, students would be aware of the recent Beyond Beauty matte lip-gloss and how much they last on the lips. There are cheap eye brow pencils and Mac pencils; they both give great results but one is more expensive than the other. There are cheap powders like Milani that work pretty well too. Zaron has an amazing face definer kit that has the highlight, contour powder and bronzer just perfect for one's contour kit. In summary, make a budget and don't go over board.

      What are your future plans after school and beyond?

After school I'm looking to set up my own beauty parlor but before then I need all the experience I can get. If a befitting job comes my way I don't mind working in order to raise the funds but if not I would continue working mobile and as an in house makeup artist for more experience and the knowledge that comes with it. Thereafter, I can't set up my own dream beauty studio. All this should be in five years, by God's grace.

     What advice do you have for students who are aspiring to be Studentpreneurs?

My advice to students intending to be studentpreneurs is to be sure of what they want to do and not just go into anything because of reasons asides their passion. Figure out what you enjoy doing and what ways you can do better. Share knowledge with others, improve your skills to the point where people would be willing to pay for your services regardless of the price you charge.


Whatever you find your self doing, do it well. 💋

Of course, there's a special deal...just for you!

If you or anyone you know is getting married between now and the end of the year, you get a bridal package for 50,000 Naira ($250). That's a $100 discount!!!! 

Ololade can travel anywhere: nationally or internationally.
For bookings, contact her at:
Cell phone: 08170058271, 07014921918.
Instagram Page: @lolade_mlpro

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