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 7 Fun Ways To Spend Thanksgiving Holiday

I  don't know about you, but during my first 'Thanksgiving Holiday', I was like a lost puppy.  In my country, Nigeria, it is not a holiday. I didn't know what to expect until the week leading up to the holiday. I heard people talk about travelling, and everyone was making plans to go somewhere; I'm not sure it really registered yet. Slowly but surely, the school started getting empty and really quiet. That was when it dawned on me that this was really a serious holiday. So many students from other countries or those who live too far away might not be able to travel or have anywhere to go spend the entire break; it could even be that you went home, but you want to do more than another turkey dinner. Whatever your situation may be, you can still  have a nice, relaxing, and fun, thanksgiving break; here are 7 ways.

#1 Volunteer

You could volunteer at a thanksgiving dinner for a particular group of people. Usually, churches or other organizations will organize dinner for the elderly, homeless, children, etc. You might have seen flyers in your school or church, or you could ask around for opportunities like this. It's an amazing feeling to give back to a community in one way or the other, and it's something you can add to your CV or resume.

#2 Visit Friends/Acquaintances

Your teacher, friend, co-worker, colleague etc., could invite you for dinner. Most people are quick to turn down such offers, especially if it is a new environment. However, it is something you should consider. People usually gather their friends and family during such dinners. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and also share in the joys of a new family. You could also make lifelong friends from such gatherings

#3 Cook & Invite friends

This could be a good time to brush up your cooking skills, learn new recipes, or even introduce friends to delicacies from your home or home-country. Look up recipes online, call a family member that can cook to teach you some new tricks, or organize a cook-off with your friends. Food is a huge part of thanksgiving; the more, the merrier. You can try my cheap and easy jollof rice recipe

#4 Catch up on your shows/movies

The semester may have been very intense and you might have completely ignored your favorite TV shows or even entertainment in general. This is a good time to kick-back and really binge-watch your shows. Get pop-corn from the store, get a nice-comfy spot in your apartment/dorm, and don't forget to surround yourself with pillows and maybe a box of tissue to cry. Okay, seriously, do something in between. Exercise, eat, shower, pray, jump around, anything...

#5 Get to know your campus/school

If this is your first semester,chances are, you have been running from pillar to post and you haven't had the time to really admire your campus. Sometimes, even as an older student, you might not have bothered to really get to know your school. Now, the school is quiet, take a walk. Get to know your school intimately. The buildings, the curves and corners, and the history that makes them what they are. You will see your school in a whole new light after the break.

#6 Get to know your new or old city

You never know enough about any city, there is almost always a new place to go. If you have friends around, you could turn it into a picnic. You can use the break to visit at least, one new place in the city or town, where your school is located. Not having a car is not an excuse; take the bus or train, or invite someone who has a car.

#7 Sleep

Finally and most importantly, SLEEP. I tried very hard not to talk about sleep again; seeing, I have discussed it as a way to boost your immune system; as a way to reduce stress; as a way to improve time management in a test/exam; as a tip to conquer final exams; and as something to consider when choosing a university. Anyway, I don't think I can over-emphasize the benefits of sleeping. But really, play a nice soothing music, and just SLEEP.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to relax, be thankful, and enjoy the company of friends and family. I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving holiday.

 Make The Most Of Your Thanksgiving Holiday

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Have a Winning-Thanksgiving

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