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University of Miami is an AMAZING school. You should probably take that statement with caution because I'm a student there (winks). Here are some quick facts:
a) It is in Miami; I mean what else could you ask for?
b) It's among the top 10 schools in Florida
c) It is a well-known research institution
d) It has a student faculty ratio of 12:1
 If you are curious about this institution, click here. If you love the beach and hate the cold like me, this is a great choice. Below are scholarships available for First-year (first degree) students.

President’s Scholarship
Significant Academic Achievements
Ranges from $8,000-$28,000 annually
Canes Achievement Award
Significant accomplishments inside and outside of the classroom
Ranges from $4,000-$16,000 annually
Singer Scholarship
Outstanding academic achievements


 University of Miami considers high/secondary school grades, level of difficulty of course curriculum, extracurricular activities, application essay, recommendation(s) from guidance counselor , and the overall quality of the pool of applicants; that's why there no score listed for GPA or SAT or ACT. The SAT/ACT is not required if you're getting your high/secondary school education outside the US, regardless of your citizenshipHowever, this doesn't mean it's not competitive to receive any of these scholarships. I always advice, if you can, TAKE THE SAT/ACT. For more information, click here

Consideration Deadlines:

November 1 (Early Decision/Early Action)
January 1 (Regular Decision) 


Whatever your reason is: if you would like to go to University of Miami, after starting a program in another US university, you could receive

President’s Scholarship
GPA : 3.75
Ranges from $5,000-$16,000 annually

For more information, click here

Consideration Deadline:

March 1 

Annual Renewal

Both the first-year and transfer student scholarships are subject to annual renewal. This means that you have to justify receiving of the scholarship EVERY YEAR. Here are the requirements for maintaining your scholarship at University of Miami:

a) Maintain a GPA of at least a 3.0
b) Register for a minimum of 12 new credit hours during Fall and Spring semester (repeated courses, or courses taken somewhere else, do not count). 


University of Miami does not offer scholarship for admission in the Spring semester
These scholarships do not apply to people who are getting their second undergraduate degree.

If you get accepted to University of Miami, within the next year or so, don't forget to stop by at the Nursing department and look for me (smiles).

If you are a graduate student or in graduate school, find out how I got my PhD for free, and how you can too.

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