8 Smart Ways Students Can Reduce Stress in School

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 As  students, stress becomes a common part of our lives. Unfortunately, poor management of stress can negatively impact our health,  academics and other areas of our lives. While it might be impossible to completely eliminate stress associated with school, here are 8 ways that can significantly reduce stress in school.

#1 Spread Out Your Work

It's a horrible feeling when school work, tests, assignments, etc., all come crashing on you. In such situations you end up breaking down and/or ending up with low grades. One of the ways to tackle this is to spread out your work. Spreading out your work entails performing tasks over longer periods and breaking them into bits, if possible. This of course means, you have to do the work earlier than you might want to. This can be accomplished with the help of a syllabus or course calendar which could help you plan your work guided by the assigned due dates for assignments and/or test. The good thing about this tip is that, you relieve yourself of the pressure that comes with the coinciding of due dates for multiple courses or assignments. Another advantage of this is that you give yourself enough time to understand a material and ask your instructor questions, if necessary. An example of this will be reading six chapters over one or two weeks as opposed to in one or two days.

#2 Obey Your Due Dates

Failing a course has a high correlation with missing due dates for assignments or quizzes/tests. Apart from it being difficult or impossible to make up missed graded work, you fall behind in your course in ways that might be difficult to recover. Obeying your due dates entails you submitting assignments on or before they are due and being ready for a quiz/exam before the test dates. If you follow tip #1, it will be easier to keep up with your due dates.

#3 Sleep Well - Most Times

Sleeping relaxes your brain and your body. If you notice, I put 'most times', that is because I'm also a student and I know how it goes. In between studying late into the night and doing everything but studying (*side eye*) late into the night, we give sleep the lowest priority. This should not be the case. I feel like I've spoken about sleep a number of times but that is because of how important it is. Get your sleep for at least 6 hours in a day. If and in the event you sleep for less than six hours, it should not be often and be for a reason worth the sacrifice. Read more about the benefits of sleeping as a student here.

#4 Don't Skip Meals

I'm not talking of those snacks and things we chew on all day. By meals, I mean: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Firstly, healthy meals will supply your body the nutrients and energy needed for your daily activities. Secondly, when you skip meals your body reacts more to stress, you could become ill, and you are more prone to junk-food which is unhealthy. Finally, meal-time helps you relax. Whether it's the solitude of chewing your food and clearing your head, or the laughter with friends while you are eating, your body gets a break. If you start having a set time to eat during the day, you will observe how your stress level will reduce.

#5 Exercise

Don't roll your eyes yet. Yes! Exercise! I know most of us struggle with it and we can think of so many reasons why we don't exercise. However, the benefits of exercising cannot be exaggerated. I'm not talking about getting ripped and having 20 packs on your abdomen (although that will be amazing..lol). It's taking time out of your day, even if it's just 10-15 mins, to walk, run, or jog. If your school has a gym, lovely! Even if your day is fully packed, you can inject walks in between your classes. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins significantly releases stress in the body. Other advantages of exercise include improving sleep, strengthening your body, burning fat, and of course looking fabulous.

#6 Have Fun

Do you remember the proverb "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy"? It's very true. As much as you should focus in school, you should also take time off to have a good time with friends or colleagues. I remember having days when I'll feel so tired and stressed out, but just going over to hang out with my friends, or watching a movie or going to a park etc works like a medication. Another thing that helps is to schedule a fun activity. You might have a full workload over the next few weeks; but just knowing something fun is coming up keeps you motivated and also eases off some stress. In having fun, be safe. Remember, if you get into trouble while having fun, you have increased your stress not reduced it.

#7 Plan Expenses

Money is a major source of stress for everyone; students get their fair share. One of the ways to reduce the stress associated with money is to plan. Make a list of your monthly expenses and sort them by priority. Then, allocate the money you have and stick to your list. In making your list, don't forget to include fun activities. If you don't plan for fun, you will end up spending impulsively which will increase your stress.

#8 Put God First

I'm aware not everyone believes in God and some might even seriously doubt God's interest in our academics. Everyone of us can identify with doing everything right and it not being enough.  I have found out that just putting it in God's hands first through a simple prayer makes things easier or gives strength and wisdom for tough times. I have so many experiences. There were times I was ill and the scheduled exam was canceled, there were subjects I struggled with that I ended up getting an 'A', etc. There are too many of them to share in one post. Some call it coincidence; well, I call it God's hand.
 Don't take my word for it, try it. Take five minutes out of your day and just put those classes, exams, quizzes, etc., in His hands and watch how different your academic experience will be. When it comes to reducing stress level, this is my first prescription. When you put God first, everything falls into place.

I  sincerely apologize for my inconsistency. It has been very busy. I will put up a post with more details about how my doctoral program is going. For now, go down to the comment section and tell me what extra tips you have for reducing stress or how any of these tips have worked for you.

Have a Winning-Day

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  1. Number 8 is the most important. God never fails his children especially if they have faith in Him. Thanks Winie

  2. Nice tips ... I am a testimony to the God factor too. However remember, that it only works AFTER you have applied yourself. Extra tip: if after you have done all you can, and things still do not work out. Rise with resolve, learn your lesson and move on the wiser.


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