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My wonderful people! It's a long overdue special edition of Studentpreneur. We have another inspiring young woman in the house. Meet CEO/Owner of PrunedHills Photography...(heavy drum rolls)

Tell us about Ifeoma Vivian Ekwegh

I am a simple-minded person who loves to dream and achieve. I am the third in a family of five. I was born in Kaduna but I spent most of my growing-up days in Enugu. I am a graduate of the Chemical Engineering department in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK). I love to read and meet great inspiring people. I love business a lot. I consider strategizing and planning my fortes.

When and how did you fall in love with photography?

It's been something I have always loved doing. I have always loved taking pictures and looking at pictures.The passion started burning when I was in secondary school. I had this small multimedia player that had a digital camera. I used it to take so many pictures back then. It was fun for me.

What is your favorite camera and lens?

For now, my favorite camera is the Nikon D800; the specs are just too awesome to believe. And my favorite lens is the Nikon 50 mm f/1.8 prime lens. It is great for low light and very little exposures. I also love the Sigma 55-200 mm zoom lens it great for events and it also has a light weight.

In improving your skills and knowledge in photography, what medium(s) did you use and why? (formal education, online, workshop, books, personal-coach, etc.)

I have not been through any formal training. That's very important, don't get me wrong. I just enjoy reading and putting what I have read into practice. I read a lot of books. It makes me see the mind of other professional photographers.

What was it like being a student and starting an organization?

Honestly, it was fun. It also had challenging times to it. There were a couple of times I wanted to give up. It took the grace of God, a lot of prayers and personal confessions from the scriptures not to give up. Combining a major professional course and any business start-up, without any substantial capital was tough. After waiting, in due time, God showed me how faithful and trustworthy He is.

Combining a course work with a business is challenging. How did you balance your time?

Time management. I didn't get to do very stressful jobs while I was in school though. Or maybe it was because I enjoyed what I was doing. When work becomes fun, you don't have to work for one day in your life.
Tweet: "When work becomes fun, you don't have to work for one day in your life." Ifeoma Ekwegh

Tell us about Prunedhills Photography?

This is a part of THE DREAM I have always had since my secondary school days. It is the future of Photography in Nigeria. PrunedHills Photography offers great prices for personal portraits, family photos, pre-wedding and wedding shoots, event coverage, commercial photographs, modeling portfolios, and so on. We will be going into broader aspects of photography with time.

What’s the inspiration behind the name ‘PrunedHills’?

(Laughs) Many people keep asking me this question. I'll say exactly what I keep telling them: John 15. Whatever is pruned bears so much fruit. Hills are either obstacles or an area where you have lots of greenness. Either way, it has to work for good because it's the Father that prunes.

What inspired your start-up and how long did it take to kick off?

I draw my major inspiration from the Holy Spirit. It has always been exciting. It took me about three years to start off with the right gear I needed. I also get inspired when I look at nature and feel it at the same time. A lot of photographers like Lemmy Vedutti, Eche of Studio 91 Mx and Kelechi Amadi-Obi inspire me greatly.

There are so many professional photographers, what makes a PrunedHills Photography stand out?

Excellent customer service and bonuses. We know that people have different budgets and we help them hit their targets and at the same time, they can afford to pay for our service

How would you describe your style/genre of photography and why did you choose it?

I love colors, and black and whites too. I always love the way I can tell stories with these colors and contrasts coming together. I love to speak peace with my works. I also love people to see the wild side of it as well.

What successes have you had recently?

I have been able to shoot jointly and share ideas with some very great photographers, from weddings, to runway models. I have also met incredible designers and makeup artists. Also working with great modelling agencies like Crown Models. It's been amazing.

Tell us about your Fayrouz experience.

It was great. We didn't make it to the semifinals but I met wonderful people. I worked with very talented people: Ada, Chidi and Shalewa. They were so amazing. We also got some help and support from friends and family. I believe we continued working as a team afterwards. I just feel we should enjoy every phase of life no matter what happens.

What character qualities mapped your success?

Patience. I haven't always been a patient person. God has brought me to a place where I have learned to wait.

What are some challenges you overcame that led you to where you are?

Number one is being ‘broke’ (laughs). That was the major challenge. I submitted numerous copies of my business plan to many individuals but they didn’t believe in my dreams. They underestimated me because of my age. There were times when I was cashless from weeks to months because I was sowing seeds for now and my future generations. Despite all of these, I was able to use the FOCUS strategy to get to where I am today. I had to let go of some relationships that weren’t so great. I had to remain focused and strong. I will yet say this: I haven’t gotten to the silver linings yet but I smell closeness.

You mentioned combining a major professional course, and a start –up business could be challenging financially. How did you raise your capital?

I sowed. I reaped. I saved up. I had to let go of some pleasures of the moment. I had to buy things in convenient stores. I cut down on my expenditure. I sowed crazy seeds that left me cashless (laughs). God is always involved in my finances... It was tough but I learned to trust Him completely.

How long did you run your business before you started making money, and how did you stay afloat during that period?

It took a while. Making money is easy. Making profits is the real deal. I'd say that right now, I don't have as much clients as I want. It really takes time to build and grow a business. The social media has made everything easier for everyone.

Where do you see yourself and organization in five years?

Personally, as someone youths and children look up to. I want to be like Richard Branson. That man is someone I want to do business with! (Chuckles). That’s a dream I hope to achieve. We should be able to have hit a clientele base of 1000 faithful and consistent customers in five years through God’s help.

What last word do you have for the students aspiring to be Studentpreneurs?

Stay focused and remain patient

For bookings, contact Ifeoma at:
Google: +Vivian Ifeoma Ekwegh
Instagram: @ifeomaekwegh
Twitter: @ifeomaekwegh
Blog: PrunedHills Photography

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