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A new semester is here again! Are you excited? Yes.....No....Maybe

 It's okay if you are not. Going back to school brings all kind of emotions; it's part of the package. But one thing that definitely hits the core of 'back-to-school' is SHOPPING. As students, we like it cheap. So, I've been stalking deals and here is a list of stores (in no particular order) you can get great deals from...Happy Shopping!

# 1- Walmart

Visit their Back to School Shopping site Here
Their coupon site is Here
Dorm-room or Hostel furniture and supplies are Here
Use as many deals as you can online and in-store. If you don't have a means of transport or live too far from the closest Walmart, they deliver to your home. Free shipping on orders over $35!

#2 - Staples

I love STAPLES! Yes I do. They have items under $1, under $2, and under $5. It's just what students love. They also have a price match Guarantee. If you find a cheaper price, they'll match it... I say no more. Click Here for the actual shopping. Did I mention you can shop both online and in store? Gotta love 'em!

#3 - Office Depot

I'm not a huge fan of their prices in comparison to other stores, but they do have  relatively good deals. And the quality of their products are not bad at all. Find them Here

#4 - Big Lots

This is not a good place for writing materials but for those room and living essentials of students in dorms or hostels. You can't order online yet (sad face). But click Here, find the closest location by putting in your zip-code, and you can see what's on sale/clearance/deals.

#5 - Target

Target..my dear Target. Yes they have some awesome deals. You can shop online too..and you get free shipping on orders over $25! I'll say no more click Here and shop away.

#6 - Amazon

Who doesn't know Amazon? For a village champion like me, it took me a while to catch on. Amazon has some amazing deals for students.
Get classroom supplies here
College deals here
Supplies under $5 here
Other back to school deals here

#7 - Dollar General

This is another store that puts the 'low' in the 'prices'. They are not as generous with the free shipping compared to other stores. You get free shipping on orders over $40. If you have a lot of things to get online, this will be a good place. If not, find a store close to you and shop. For online shopping, click here

#8 - Kmart

Kmart has awesome prices for class supplies and room essentials. They are not as generous with their free shipping too. Free shipping on orders over $49. However, if the store is close to you or you have a long list, it's an excellent place. For shopping with Kmart, click here.

#9 - Family Dollar

Family dollar is another store that puts the 'low' in the prices. They are absolutely Cheap! It breaks my heart, that there is no online shopping (Family Dollar, take note). Hopefully in the future. However, the same as Big Lots, you can put in your zip code and find a store close to you. They help us out though by giving an inventory of what they carry and possible prices (click here). For coupons to get even lower prices, click here

This is not an exhaustive list. That means, I want to hear from you. What's your store(s) for good deals? Have you gone shopping at any of these places? What was your experience(s)?

I hope you had an amazing summer. I pray you have a fabulous semester! Don't forget to subscribe!
 Let's take this journey together.

Cheers to an amazing semester
Have a Winning-Semester

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