How can we Practice what we Preach?

3:53 PM

Giving advice is definitely easier than taking an advice; worst of all, when you should know better.

I recently caught myself preaching to someone about 'coca-cola'. Honestly, you needed to have heard me outline all the damages it can cause to the human system. I was feeling like a nurse and a doctoral student; one of those rare days. While I was lost in my bubble, the lights came on in my head. I DRINK COKE....A LOT.

My mouth just gradually closed and I changed the topic of the discussion. Why is it so hard to heed your own advice? Medical professionals (we know ourselves) do almost all the things we tell our clients not to do. Marriage counselors get DIVORCED!
It's always funny when I see a man smoking a cigarette and telling his son sitting beside him "this thing is bad for you".

In our own small space, our words always catch us in a trap. Please! How do we practice what we preach? If you have answers, share!

For me, I want to start writing down all the numerous advice I give, and check myself from time to time. You, my readers and friends, if you catch me doing what I told you not to do, PLEASE say something.

Okay....That is all.....Drop Comments

Have a Winning-Weekend

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  1. Well, I try to apply what I read or learn to my life before preaching. That way I preach my lifestyle rather trying to model my life after what i preach.

  2. I agree with you. However, there are some cases you don't have time to effect a change in your life style before you talk about it. For example, I can't wait to completely quit coke, before telling my client that has diabetes to stop or should someone else wait to stop procrastinating before telling their friend or sibling about the evils of procrastination? Either way, there are times when we can't preach a lifestyle.

  3. It's so difficult to practice what you preach. Oluwarotimi, how exactly do you apply what you learn and discipline yourself?


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