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Listed below are some articles I have written for other blogs, websites, or organizations. Enjoy!

Bella Naija
Tolerating Mr. Phil
Concerned Citizen or Character Assassin
This Thing Called Death
The Charming Bathroom Janitor
4 Types of Dream Killers
Self Destruction
The Abused Woman
5 Reasons Why a Breakup May Feel Like the End of the World
The Marriage Vow
Little Girl or Little Woman
Changing the Colored World
All the Hush About Sex in the Home Needs to Stop
Bad Professional Recommendation

Cosmopolitan Nigeria
The art of juggling work and studies
10 Ways to Promote Peaceful Cohabitation

Words Are Work
The Day He Showed Up (short story)
Coulda Been In-laws (COBIL)
'Hook-ups' and their 'Mess-ups'
7 Signs of Emotional Infidelity
7 Steps to Getting Back From Emotional Infidelity
5 Qualities To Look For in Mr./Mrs. Somebody
For the love of food
7 Rules For First Dates
Just the Way You Are
5 Questions Before You Tell or Not Tell
To Tell Or Not To Tell
Who Says All Men Cheat
5 things you will miss about being UNmarried
Marriage wars

The Naked Convos
Regaining Virginity
Lessons from the Ashley Madison Breach

Glam Africa - Summer 2015 Edition
Glam Africa - Autumn 2015 Edition

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