Simple Math About Life

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I love maths; I tried applying it to my faith.


In life we can live by 2 ways: believing that there is God or believing there is no God.

Scenario 1:
Let us assume there is no God, no faith, and no life after death,
while you live:
You live and die with nothing controlling your actions towards yourself or others
You have no higher power to turn to in times of trouble or despair
You have only your own ability, mistakes and limitations
When you die: there are 0 gains and 0 losses, because there is no one to judge you.
Since you have two options from the beginning, you have ½ (50%) chance of dying with 0 gains and 0 losses, but you have 1/1(100%) chance of experiencing the characteristics of the life you chose with no God.

Scenario 2:
For this scenario, there is God! This God acknowledges your limitations and short comings and does the following for you:
Sends His only son to live a perfect life and die for you, so that through your faith/belief in Him, His perfection is put on you, His life is judged in place of yours, and His resurrection assures you of eternal life (John 3:16)
You live and die with your faith controlling your actions towards God, yourself, and others. This implies living and dying with few offences and total forgiveness.
You have a higher power to call on when there is trouble, pain, sorrow, and despair.
You are never limited, because the greatness of God is made available to you.
When you die: You have 0 loss and 100% gain.

You see my friend; you lose absolutely nothing by accepting Christ today. But you’ll lose everything if you don’t. So what’s your choice? 0% or 100%. Are you ready to accept Him? Please pray with me

Lord Jesus, I accept that I’m a sinner and I acknowledge you came to live and die for me, I accept you today into my heart, forgive me and cleanse me, allow me to walk in the new life which you have prepared for me. Thank you for answered prayers, In Jesus name, Amen!”

Congratulations my friend, you have been forgiven and accepted, if this blessed you, share with someone else. Look for a faith-based church closest to you and join.

God Bless You
Have a Winning-Day

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