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Studentpreneur is forum to celebrate people that kicked off their career or started a business as students. I hope they drive you to break boundaries, just as they have done.

Ladies and Gentle Men.....This is a special edition of Studentpreneur
Meet the CEO/Founder of Sapphire Fashion House....(drum rolls please)
Beatrice Mackintosh

This beautiful, elegant woman was born in Jos, Plateau State on November 6th, 1991. She grew up in what she describes as a loving Christian family. She gained admission into Air force Comprehensive Secondary School in 2003; this was the beginning of her self-discovery.

In search of a serene environment, she chose her current institution where she studies Computer Science. She chose this course because of her love and passion for computers. She describes being a student as fun and challenging. This phase of life also helped her shape her career goals and ambition.

It wasn't a smooth ride for her; she had some bumps that contributed to who she has become. She gained admission into Madonna University after secondary school, but she left due to some problems she faced. She stayed at home for a while, and her passion for art and clothes went to another level. She sketched clothes and poured herself into art; this renewed her and gave her strength.

Sapphire By Tosh

Sapphire By Tosh (SBT) was born two years ago on the 10th of July. In her words, a Sapphire Inspired Woman is "always on point, never disappointing, and sends a message with her outfit"

Sapphire By Tosh

Although SBT started two years ago, Beatrice put in 6 years of planning and organization. She selected her team based on their passion for art and skills. Her clients are always satisfied with her work.
Sapphire By Tosh

Sapphire By Tosh

Sapphire By Tosh is here to stay. In the next five years, Beatrice hopes they will have an international platform.

Sapphire By Tosh
She is known for her statement pieces!
This year, she's all about her SKIRTS..Don't Miss Out
Sapphire By Tosh

Sapphire By Tosh

Sapphire By Tosh

Some people will get really lucky.......

Sapphire By Tosh
My Favorite

In collaboration with SBT, Winie's World is giving out Two (2) skirts FREE.
You also get 25% off, when you contact SBT and use the code 'Winie's World', anytime this year. How does that sound?

To get one of these skirts: leave a comment telling me your favorite skirt and why? + email address + follow SBT on twitter or instagram with @Sapphirebytosh.

To Contact SFH
twitter : @sapphirebytosh
Instagram: @sapphirebytosh
Phone : +2347030890944 or +22967651093

 c'est fini//Finito//Shikena//darrisall//that's all

God bless you
Have a Winning-day

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  1. For those of us wey no dey wear skirt nko? And don't gaan start telling me about sisters and girlfriends oh :/

    1. Hahah. You see why we need to get you WIFED up. ASAP?

  2. I really like this. Greater Height Tosh and welldone winifred.


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