3 Lessons Statistics Taught Me

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How is everyone doing? It's been really long. Whether you missed me or not, I missed you. Congratulations to people who just finished their exams. Best wishes to those that are still writing. If your life is free from the blessings of studying, well-done in whatever your hands has found to do. I have gist for you.

You remember my PhD husband (click here if you don't), my dear, the relationship ended amicably. I have not come to brag; instead I'm panting like someone who was chased by a Cheetah. Na God save me (God helped me!); it was a close call. To think I used to pride myself as an award-winning mathematician, statistics reset my brain. I'm really thankful to God, my wonderful instructor, and my amazing colleagues. Statistics taught me some lessons that are worth sharing. Sit back, grab a cup of tea and sip with swag.

Don't ride on past glory. How good you were in the past DOES NOT COUNT. I think this applies to every area of life. When you've been in school for a while or done something repeatedly, it's very easy to put yourself on 'auto-pilot'. You become complacent and believe you have everything under control. The danger of this is, you will not be ready for new areas or new methods, and failure becomes inevitable. Start a new day, a new course, a new study, or a new job, like you haven't done it before. This mindset pushes you to give your all from the beginning.

Don't allow discouragement to rock your boat. My first test gave me a dirty slap. I scored lower than I anticipated and as expected, I felt really bad. That's normal and expected. In fact, everyone can identify with a similar feeling or experience. However, this is not the time to wallow in that feeling. Discouragement tries to creep in and make you feel inadequate to continue or set low standards for yourself. Don't let it! Read some tips on dealing with failure here. Kick discouragement out by resuming work immediately. Failure is part of success; quitting is not acceptable.

Cry for HELP.  Pride is an enemy. Regardless of how competent you feel, ask for help, take help, and always have someone look over your work if possible. I have learned that some stupid or seemingly insignificant observations could lead you to perfection.

So, what do you think?  Have you had similar experiences or lessons?

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