5 Tips To Conquer Finals

12:21 PM

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'Who sent me?' that's the question I've asked myself for the last two weeks. When I embarked on this journey to earn a PhD, I think I was in la-la land. I'm not sure how nice I painted the picture in my head, but I definitely didn't expect how sleep deprived I'll be.

PS: Forgive me for not putting up any reasonable post lately...the struggle and the fun has been real on my end.

So this semester has two weeks left. That should make anyone excited; especially if they are in any program that feels like it's coming to a real end. For me, my heart is racing and my brain is driving at 100000000 miles per second. A combination of my actual course works  and the vices I indulge in (writing and movies), I'm DROWNING....(don't laugh at me).

This period for me, encompasses final papers that are due and my PhD husband 'Statistics'. Yes I said 'PhD Husband'. Any subject, you have to read often and constantly think about; no be husband be that? (is that not a husband?). Statistics and I share the same bed, eat together, and go everywhere together....ughhh I can't wait for a Divorce (lol).

So for other students that are in different programs, experiencing a somewhat similar fate, these are some tips that can help:

a) Reduce any other engagements that will require commitment outside coursework. Do this at least for the last four weeks of the semester. It helps in reducing the pressure you feel as well as making you more productive in the final aspects of the course.
b) Stop Procrastinating. Chances are you've been doing this (me too), that's why it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. As the semester ends, DO THINGS as opposed to PLANNING TO DO THEM.
c) Schedule your sleep time. This sounds funny but to avoid breaking down, set a time when you will go to bed, regardless of what is outstanding. So for me, by 1.am, even if my books develop mouths and start talking, I will go to bed. If you don't get a few hours of sleep, you wont be productive the next day.
d) Set personal deadlines. Your syllabus will have some date that work is due. But you and I know, it's probably 1 minute to due time AKA 11:59.PM before we submit that work. Most times with a lot of errors. To avoid this, set your own deadline; that is at least two days from when your instructor requires that work and treat it like it was a date in the syllabus. This will give you WIGGLE ROOM to cross-check and re-read, before you make final submission.
e) Prayers. You know my philosophy: hard-work is useless without God (Psalm 127:1). After all the sweat and sleepless nights, don't forget to commit it all into the hands of God. Remember, only God can make a little effort seem like a lifetime of hard-work.

 Please if you read this and you're also a student, drop a tip too. I want to learn from you.

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