The Text Message That Changed My Day

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I almost didn't post anything today. I was planning my apology to my dear readers, when I got a beautiful text message. Initially, I was skeptical about reading because of how long it was. When I finally did, I was soooooo grateful  I did. The writer spoke my mind on the matter and I thought I'd share with you. Enjoy..

"What about a pat in the back, a squeeze in the hand, a warm, warm hug, a kiss on the forehead, a stroke on her hair? I cannot get over my amusement at preferred postures of prospective ‘couples’ I know. They've been announced to the church as about to marry, the brother and sister sit across each other after church service, with such wide space in-between! Oh, could be the church premise restriction!

Delani, a young married man – is not your regular ‘divine brother’. He’s been there, done that and sees life as one huge party! Married for about four years, with a son and awaiting another, he still calls his wife some intriguing names. I must have heard a lot but these ones stuck- Pepperoni, Sweet Yummie, Babe mi, Omoge, My One Billion, Lovey Dovey. I imagine some people already squinting in irritation; ‘na your own be that’! This guy makes a wonder out of his wife!!! I could forgive a man for being overly dramatic in his display of affection to his beau, but I can’t help but seethe in anger at chaps who are too proud, dull or primitive to adorn their women in the robes of noble admiration. 

Have you heard pet names like ‘Mummy, Iya yi, Madam, Sister Nneka, or Our wife?
I understand that Christian ladies are be labored by the inclination of their men to make prophetic declarations into their lives, using Bible quotes. So they earn names like ‘Beulah, Hephzibah, Delightsome, My Crown, Righteous Jewel, Pure Diadem…etc. Yes Lord!!! What can we say to these things?

Have you ever seen a picture of a ‘sister’ and a ‘brother’? Particularly the ones they take in the studio? You haven’t? One glance at the shot and many things jump at you. You see bridled dreams, confused expectations, unspoken desires and many invisible boundary lines. His hand is resting uneasily on her shoulder; he tries to lean a bit forward with a nervous grin, the other hand behind his back and he has secrets in his eyes. And then, you have sister Florence, sitting to the edge of the high stool with a shy smile, waiting for the future!

I don’t have all the answers to making a woman happy, but to make her heart sing, you’ve got to bring some zest to the table. A woman thinks a lot about the guy who makes her laugh hard, she grows fond of he who sings her favorite love song and dedicates it to her. She wants to smell your perfume in her blouse, remember the sound of your heartbeat when you said all will be fine and she’d like to be surprised by new things almost every time..

O yes – let godly ladies choose to build a future with men who love God and understand the covenant. At least, no one wants to be a daughter-in-law to the Devil. But we look forward to a new day without the traumas of men unschooled in the affairs of the heart.
We like it when you love Jesus yet get us rocking!!!

Debola Deji-Kurunmi
President, Deborah Initiative for Women.

Thank you Bisola for sending me this text message that made my day....

Have a Winning-Day


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