My First Easter Sunday.......As a Blogger!

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Happy Easter. If you live in any part of the world that gives you Good Friday and/or Easter Monday as a public holiday, I'm so jealous of you. How was your weekend?

My weekend always starts on Friday morning. There's so much joy in my heart as I hustle my way  through the traffic and head to class.  Godwin by Korede Bello was on replay while I was in traffic. Anytime he got to the part of 'I don pay my rent', I just throw one move behind the wheels. If you have a job, that feeds you and  allows you to put a roof over your head, God-Win!

It was also a sober moment for me, when I got to a red light and saw a homeless man with a sign asking for food. We take a lot of things for granted; I had the opportunity to reflect.
Friday ended on a beautiful note and my weekend was about to enter into full force. Well, that was until I spent my whole Saturday fluctuating between bed and couch typing my paper (covers face). My people, this paper is due midnight today!!!!!!

Sunday was really beautiful. I believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus; having this gift of forgiveness and eternal life is something I'll forever be grateful for. The youth in church performed a beautiful skit that really touched my heart...(more about it in another post). After church, I and my partner in crime, Zi decided to go out.

She was crazy about this Brunch place; although my expectations were really low, it turned out to be a wonderful time. We arrived Whisk, and there was no parking space. That is usually a good sign, because it could mean there is something about the place people seem to like.

Environment: The environment was loud, people seem to be having a good time talking and laughing (maybe because of the wine). It caters to family and friends hangout, but not ideal if you want to have a quiet time with someone. It's not majorly decorated, but its well organized.

Hospitality: The staff were really polite. They also attend to you promptly. Considering how busy they were, I expected to wait forever for someone to say 'hello'; that wasn't the case. We were seated promptly and attended to almost immediately. Our server forgot one of our orders. I believe this was due to how busy they were, the man was practically running from pillar to post. However, he was a really good server.

Food Time: I must confess: I have zero adventure-skills when it comes to food. I practically have to be pushed to try new things. Which means, If I tell you something is good, chances are, they really are. We had:

                                 pecan-caramel praline butter, maple syrup (I love maple syrup)
These pancakes were AWESOME...They were made when I ordered it and you can feel that pan-cooked-sensation on your tongue. This was my first time trying the pecan-caramel praline, and it was really GOOD. Maple syrup is my favorite for pancakes. This meal hit the right spot!

That's fresh squeezed lemonade in the cup. I wasn't impressed with the size, but it was well done.

                                                         Huevos Rancheros
2 fried eggs, jasmine rice, refried beans, crispy tortilla, avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro & adobo cream
You can tell Zi ordered this one. I tried it (not the eggs). This meal was really good: the refried beans blended so well with the jasmine rice and crispy tortilla. If you're like me: you can't stand half-cooked eggs, this might not be your favorite.

After stuffing ourselves, we went for DESSERT.
                                                         Warm Coconut Bread Pudding
                                                    vanilla crème anglaise, toasted coconut flakes
This was the HIGHLIGHT of the afternoon. Zi enjoyed it so much.

Price: I consider their prices to be fair: we paid $54.32. In judging prices, I consider the location (downtown Coral Gables), the quality of service, and the quantity of food served.

Have you been to Whisk? 7382 SW 56th Avenue South Miami, FL 33143
How did you spend your Easter Weekend?

Have a Winning Day

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