Unleashing the LOCAL CHAMPION.

11:11 AM

I don't think of myself as fashionable. I like to look decent and honestly the work it takes to look better, I don't consider much of a priority. But on this day, I took the extra time to dress well. It wasn't any special occasion; it was work as usual. I had extra time to rub cream and powder, put on the foundations and all, picked out a nice dress and shoes, and I was feeling cute.

I had arrived the train station, bought my ticket, and was climbing the stairs to the terminal when I heard my train approach. I quickened my steps to avoid missing the train. The more I rushed, the more it dawned on me that I might not make it to the train before it left. My mind had already begun weighing the alternatives. Missing the train would create a major dent in my day's plans, I most definitely had to join this train. Then it registered that I had to start screaming for someone to hear and hold the door of the train for me.

'Ha! in this fine cloth?' one voice objected in my head. 'All this dress-up, for nothing?' the voice continued. My mind was weighing the points of this voice when the local champion in me arose from the dust and screamed sense into my head "Naija babes no dey carry last, be forming here and miss your train". I immediately screamed, threw away my fine-girl attitude and someone heard me, and that was how I got on that train my people.

While reminiscing on this experience, although I found humor in it, I picked out a life lesson: 'PRIDE IS NOT WORTH IT'. How many opportunities have we missed in the name of avoiding embarrassments? How many things do we pass up on because we feel bigger than the situation?
Where do we really draw the line thinking of ourselves more highly than we are? These questions made me appreciate what happened to me.

Dear readers, don't underrate or underestimate how far you have come or what you have achieved. But do not let it keep you from moving forward. In Nigeria, there's a quote in pidgin English 'I get am before, no be property'. It means 'Because you previously had something, doesn't mean its of any importance to the present'. Don't be ashamed of the local champion in you. Unleash it when you need it.

Now you've heard my side of the story, let me hear yours AKA drop a comment.

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  1. Lol !! nice piece with good lessons.


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