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I love Wednesdays (not sure why). So I'm new to blogging but I'll like to make Wednesdays one of my days for regular new posts (let's see how it goes). That means you have to come at least every Wednesday (don't leave me stranded, it's a DATE..). So I was going through my Facebook page and I found this piece I wrote four years ago.... 4!!!. It's one of my favorites and a defining writing-moment in my life. Most of my readers are not my friends on Facebook, so I thought, why not re-post it here? it's a short prose...Enjoy

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I just came in from work; the lights in the living room were dimly lit. The whole house was extremely silent. I could hear the sound of the air that filtered through my ears; for a moment I felt like it was trying to whisper into my ears, the secret of this scene that my heart yearned for so earnestly. I walked towards the sofa where Ken was seated; I could feel the intensity of his anger from the heavy sound of his breath. He stared at me with so much pain and anger shooting from his eyes. To say I was uncomfortable would be a lie;uncomfortable was too mild to describe the feelings welling up so fast inside me. Mixed feelings that contradicted themselves and fought my thoughts so hard; they left me helpless, wondering, and yearning for answers. Confusion disorganized my mind, and stole the words from my mind. I knew something wasn't right, But I couldn't put a finger on it.

The intensity of the silence grew as the clock ticked, I had to break the silence “Hi darling” I said softly as I leaned over to hug him, but he moved away abruptly and shoved his shoulders. “Is everything all right?” I asked but he replied me with cold silence. Startled and puzzled at his reaction, I quickly ran through my day mentally. I checked to see if I had done anything to deserve what I was getting from him this evening. I didn't find anything wrong; we talked during lunch break, exchanged messages afterwards and everything seemed so fine until now. While trying to organize my thoughts, Ken stood up and started pacing around the living room. He gave me this terrible look at regular intervals. At this point my confusion was beginning to metamorphose into anger. I couldn't understand why he had to put up this episode even if something was wrong. With so many struggles in my mind, it dawned on me this might be a defining point in this relationship.

“I’m sorry, but this has to come to an end” Ken said in a harsh low tone. A million things flashed through my mind in split seconds. Puzzled I stuttered and replied “wh… wh…..what do you mean?” He stopped pacing, looked at me sternly and said “This relationship”. The words escaped from his lips so quickly I was left in a daze. My heart sank into my belly. Before I could utter a word, tears streamed down effortlessly from my eyes. “It took you 3 years to realize this” was the only thing I could say at that moment. I knew I had so much to say, so many questions to ask but very few words were at my disposal at that moment, so I picked up my bag and headed straight for the door. Just before my palms embraced the door handle, I heard him say “I’m sorry I had to let you know this way”. The anger that had  grown inside of me broke loose, “Did I hear you say ‘sorry’?” I said as I walked closer to him, “You wake up one day and end 3 years of our lives in 3 seconds and you say ‘you’re sorry’? How mean can you be? You didn't even think I deserved an explanation, neither did you dim it fit to let me know in any polite way, and you dare say ‘you’re sorry’? You put up a whole episode leaving me confused and helpless and without any sign of care or remorse you say ‘you’re sorry’. This is not you Ken; the person standing right here in front of me is selfish. When the Ken I fell in love with comes back, we’ll have a decent conversation about this. But for now, I’ll take my leave” I was practically yelling; I hadn't heard myself talk that loud in years, because Ken had put so much smile on my lips. Tears still streaming down my face, but I was determined to walk out with my head up.

Just before my hands reached the door handle again, I heard him in a soft voice “I know I’m very selfish”. That statement steered up more anger in me, as I looked back, He walked towards me and said “I want to take you all to myself and that’s being selfish, or rather that’s what the dictionary calls it”. I was trying to make out some sense from what he was saying when He slowly went down on his knees, took my left hand and said “Please do me the honor of moving to another level. When I said this relationship should end, I meant dating should end; cos I want more. Please be the first woman I see when I open my eyes, and the last I see before close them to sleep. Will you be the mother of our world? I will be lying if I tell you I can’t live without you. The reality is Life would make no sense without you and not living would be better than the kind of life that would be possible without you. Please Christy, Will you marry me?”

I stood still silent and speechless, looking into the eyes of a man who had taken me to the extremes of both pain and happiness in less than 10 minutes. Then he said “Please don’t let me take the next breath without your answer”. He held his breath afterwards and a smile escaped from my lips without my permission. In between tears and laughter the only word I could mumble was “YES”


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