3 Ways Students Can Boost Immune System

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Growing up, there was an advert on television that encouraged parents to immunize their children. Part of the sound track said 'prevention is better than  cure oo, go immunize your pikin' (prevention is better than cure, get your child immunized). "Prevention is better than cure" is the summary of GOOD HEALTH.

For a lot of developing countries, the only cure they have is preventing the disease in the first place. A lot points to the fact that they have limited resources in every possible area and if any one has a medical problem, death is almost inevitable. In developed countries, affording treatment for an illness is never easy even when the equipment/resources to handle it is available; people still die from preventable causes. Preventing an illness or a disease is the best option for everyone; we have to take charge of our health.

HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases is prevented by abstinence or use condoms. Food borne diseases are prevented by washing and properly cooking meals. It will amaze you how much stress a clean toilet can save you. It ranges from just the peace in your mind to comfort while going and of course avoidance any bacteria or virus that can congregate on the seats and toilet bowl.

Bringing it a little closer to home, our immune system is our defense team. Those are the soldiers that an invading organism has to overcome first to get to us and they FIGHT. I've been doing some reading, let me share with you  three things that can boost up that immune system
and make you stronger against infections.

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a) Water! Yes I said 'Water'. Drinking enough water everyday will save us more than we can ever imagine. I'm screaming to myself too. I'm a coffee and coca-cola girl, and I've started cutting down a great deal. As regards our immune system, water encourages production of body fluids that help toxin elimination, food digestion (more power to immune boost), and ease of white blood cells travelling around to fight the bad-guy invasion. The advantage of drinking pure water is that you don't have to worry about the other things mixed to produce those 'drinks' we love so much. It's not very easy to do to make a drastic switch or change in daily routine, but start with switching one drink that is not water with water, and  build on from there.

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b) Fruits and vegetables. They look so nice in pictures but still not as present in our daily diet. It's so easy to pass up on carrots and lean towards those sweets. Research has shown that these babies are God's gift to humanity. They can reduce risk of heart disease, reduce blood pressure, offer some protection against cancer, and reduce risk of type 2 diabetes. Let's get back to immune system: the body uses some compounds in fruits and vegetables to directly fight infections and remove toxins from the soldiers in our body. It's not also easy to make that drastic switch. Depending on where you stay, fresh fruits/vegetables could be expensive. But no matter how little, make it a duty to consume fruits and/or vegetable daily. One way to do this is by drinking them. Personally I find it easier to blend fruits and vegetables and enjoy them. You can also play around with flavors and find what you enjoy the most. Its easier to make a habit of eating them when you enjoy it.

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c) Sleep.. Sleep is medicinal. You're not more successful because you sleep less hours in a day. You might actually be doing major damage to yourself. Sleep affects every part of our lives. As it affects our immune system, sleep deprivation lowers the number of a group of white blood cells called 'T-cells': those are the ones that are at the war-front (scary, right?). But when you sleep well, their production increases. These white blood cells are very specific in their action and sleep helps increase that adaptation. From a student to every other student, pulling an all-night-reading (till-day-break) is to your detriment, academically and physically. At the barest minimum, you should clock in 6-hours a day.

Water, fruits/vegetables, and sleep can help make and keep your immune system strong.

Have a Winning-Day

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! (Phil 4:4, NIV)

Disclaimer: These opinions are personal opinions summed up from observations, experiences, and education. They in no way replace or surpass medical advice.

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