About Last Weekend...Make Over with Zi Mong

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Hello everyone!!! How was your weekend?
I had a relaxing time, and I'll tell you all about it. There's a poll to your right..Please tell me what you'll like to read about. For my people in Nigeria, how was the election weekend? did you vote? I'm hopeful we'll have a great leader.

So my weekend started off on Friday morning. I had been preparing for this statistics exam for the last few weeks. I used to think I loved math, but now I know I made a good decision not to pursue a Mathematics related discipline. Statistics has given me a run for my money..literally.
I studied into the night and woke up late...

Beating Miami traffic is a discussion for another day. I finally made it to class. Thanks to my understanding instructor, I was eased right into the examination.

Four hours later..Yes 4!!! I hit the submit button, praying that it will end up well. Thank God, I passed. Getting through the rest of the day was easier with statistics out of the way. I was also looking forward to my trouble-crazy-sweet-funny friend (Ezinne/Zi) coming in from Tampa that evening. She arrived late that night and we were discussing and annoying each other until we fell asleep.

Saturday! After a fairly busy morning catching up on school work, the weekend was about to hit its sweet part. After tormenting her for months, Zi came prepared to give me the much needed make-over. I met Zi, a few years ago and my life has changed in food and make-up. She is one person that pursues things she loves with everything in her plus she supplies me those expensive lipstick and foundation (I steal some from her purse too...and tell her later).

A million brushes later, she transformed me into this

 I love the way my eyes came out..Mac Foundation and Lorac eye shadow..plus the other things she used which were numerous...to recount. She's one of the few people that get my eyebrows exactly how I want...oh how I wish she wasn't 3.5 hours away from me.(sad face).

We missed the brunch we planned to go for and all the sensible restaurants were closed to open at 5pm for dinner...all the same, we hit the road

I would have you know, I didn't edit this picture, she is that GOOD.

I made her drive (tongue in cheek).

After roaming around, we decided to go to her favorite place in the world..SEPHORA...aka Make-up candy store. What's your own favorite place in the world? or let's say mall?

I was trying on one liquid lip-stick.. I didn't know when she took that picture..she failed in her mission to catch me ugly...

We decided to go home and cook...I love her Ayamase aka designer stew aka Ofada stew
Goat meat/shaki/cow leg...whew!

The evening finally came to an end.

Cheers to all my sisters with UNTAMED HAIR. Yes, the make-up lasted all day...

I was able to kick-back and vent those PhD-related stress. Most of all, with a great friend. Be grateful for the people you have in your life.

If you or anyone you know wants to get a great look and you stay close Tampa, FL . Send me a message or contact Zi at ezinne.mong@gmail.com and she blogs at Beautiful Neuroses

So..... how was your weekend?

Have a Winning-Day

I love comments....Tell me what you think.

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  2. Hehehehe ... sounds like your weekend was a lot better than mine, yes Statistics and all.
    Good stuff here, Winie. Up!

    1. Hahaha. I get one of those every purple moon. I bet you don't want to imagine my love-hate relationship with statistics. Then again I could be wrong, you engineers get your head into the woods of maths. Thanks for visiting dear


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