My ordeal with Uncle Train-Machine

11:17 AM

So it’s one of those days I take forever to parallel park at the train station. Thanks to my dad's directions over the phone, I avoided further embarrassments. I hurried to the  train card dispenser to get my card for the train ride. While struggling with excess baggage on my hands, I rushed the coins into the machine. I was very sure I counted my ticket fee and put in my jean pocket before leaving the house. Uncle Train machine on the other hand was saying the amount is incomplete.
Now I expect these computerized systems to get it right all the time. Maybe if it was a man/woman collecting the money from me, I wouldn't be surprised at a mistake counting the money. I questioned my thoughts, while wondering where things went wrong and if I dropped some money somewhere. Lost in my confusion, the train I wanted to join left. I cancelled the transaction and it returned the money I already put in. But it returned the full amount I thought I put.  I’m finally convinced I didn't hallucinate counting the money at home.  Now this time, I slowly put the coins in and it recorded the actual amount and dispensed my train card.

The law of cause and effect appears to govern our daily lives. Things we think about, do, or say and the effects they have on us and people in our lives. I personally think that law works better with objects as opposed to human beings. I say this because, we don’t always get the required reactions for our actions. Think about how many times you've put in a lot of effort and gotten very little results or how many times things said or done are taken out of context or how many times we do something casually and get remarkable outcomes or sometimes do so much and get nothing back. The variations of these experiences can make you rate your day or life as either good or bad. Failed relationships are not without special consideration. I've met a few people that keep asking what else they could have done or where they went wrong. The disappointment of feeling like you've done all you can but come up with a wrong end result can take its toll on you. Most times making you feel inadequate and just not enough.

My experience with Uncle Train machine taught me a few things today. Yes it is possible to give all you can or all you have and see it’s not enough, even when you know you gave it your best shot. It’s possible to see things not go the way you expect and still be sure you did your best. When that happens, it’s okay to feel bad. But don’t feel like that for too long or else you may miss the next opportunity.

Learn how to ‘cancel transaction’. It’s not a crime in life to start over. It’s not wrong to end things when they are not working. Some things can be fixed; others just need you to start over.  When you cancel or end something, gather yourself together. Pick the bits of your emotions, your thoughts, and whatever you have left from the situation. When you do start over, don’t be afraid to give everything you have. The fact that it didn't go well initially doesn't mean you’re not enough as a person or for another situation.

Change strategy. I rushed the coins in the first time, second time I put it in ‘slow’. Sometimes ‘slow’ is perfect. Especially relationships, taking things slow can help you in making accurate assessments before you invest your time and energy. Work projects are not exempt; being fast doesn't always mean you’re the best. And if you miss the next opportunity while you’re sorting yourself out, another one will come.  God gives multiple chances. I hope this touched you as much as it touched me. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Have a Winning-Day

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  1. " Things we think about, do, or say and the effects they have on us and people in our lives"...thats so true dear..i will really love to read more post from you as i already read..but i would really love you to write somthing on happiness as it relates to we humans..a lot of people always want to be happy but dont know how..i too ive learnt a lot in that quest myself..and its been very rewarding,..i jus want to read ur own opinion and see things differently from ur own perspective...dont stop what uv started dear..keep it up WDG..Peace.

    1. I'm humbled. I will definitely write a piece on 'happiness'. Much Love. WDG


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