Good-cheap or Bad-cheap

11:31 AM

The life of a student consist of shopping around for good deals or better called 'seemingly-good-deals'. With limited funds at the disposal of an average student, it's easy to get caught up, living with the cheapest available option. On several occasions, I have learned 'cheap' isn't always good.

It was my last semester as an undergraduate and my dedicated hp laptop had called it quits on me after a relationship spanning five years. I had very few options at my disposal, it was either I get a new laptop or I get a new laptop. It was then I dusted my behind and carried money to the store.

I immediately saw a VERY CHEAP 17-inch laptop. Light bulbs went off in my head. I would have erupted in dance moves at Best Buy, but thankfully I contained myself in my clothes. One would think that as a soon-to-be Bachelors degree holder, I would at least read and acquaint myself with the details of the purchase I was about to make. Unfortunately, either due to the blindfold placed by the cheap price or my reluctance to deal with all the computer-languages on the box or a combination of both reasons, I bought that laptop blindly and rejoiced on my way home.

It was a miracle I graduated without the laptop being the reason for a major setback. I ended up spending a lot more to get a durable computer to work with. Currently, that laptop graces a particular spot in my apartment. I purposely left it there to remind myself of the pitfall of uninformed purchases.

My people, I am aware life throws a lot of things in our faces. Surprisingly, money always seems limited especially when there are pressing needs.  I recently updated my list of uninformed cheap purchases by booking a flight that was seemingly cheap with very inconveniencing times for travel, only to find out later that for a little more I would have gotten a better deal. Cheap is not always bad neither is it always the best. The difference between good-cheap and bad-cheap is INFORMATION.

Take the extra time and/or pain and get to know more about what you're about to do or get. You might soon realize that perhaps what you intend to save isn't worth it after all or be affirmative that your 'cheap' is indeed a good deal.

Despite how many times I heard the idiom 'penny wise, pound foolish', it took getting burned a few times to actually know what it meant.

Now you have heard my side of the story, let me hear yours aka DROP A COMMENT.

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  1. Sometimes we have the information, and still go ahead to choose bad cheap because of sentimental reasons. Once, a friend was selling his car and I was in the market for a used car, so I promised him I'd buy it when he was ready. Few months down the line, he wasn't ready yet and I saw a better deal (better fuel consumption, less workshop time, for the same price) but because I felt the compulsion to keep my word, I overlooked the better deal. God just saved my ass by ensuring my friend was never ready to sell, and so freeing me from the 'commitment'. Now everyday I start my car, I'm grateful I bought it. A wrong choice between 'cheaps' could be really heartbreaking. Get the information, THEN let all sentiments go.


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